Thursday, January 01, 2009


2009 It's here. Flip the calendar over. We're looking at a new year.

On the last night of 2008 it was dinner home, a nice juicy NY steak.

Then I put on my cheesehead hat (you've seen the Green Bay Packer fans wearing them), took out the trumpet I played in beginning band, got Wifey the devil horns Max bought for me a while back, put leashes on the dogs, jumped into the truck and headed for Dawn and Keith's house. We knew they had guests and felt is was the duty as parents to bust in on them on this very last evening of 2008.

We get to their door. Cheeseheaded man starts blowing the trumpet, Wifey lays on the doorbell.

I guess it was a surprise to Dawn, Keith and their guests. Later on I asked Wifey what she thought we'd think had her parents or mine done something like that. We didn't think any thought like that would enter their minds.

After our surprise visit we drive to the Sundial Bridge, the pride of Cowtown. The dogs are ready for a brisk walk.

Walking the bridge seems to have become our new year's eve tradition. There was a time when new year's celebration meant sex, drugs and rock and roll. You could now call our celebration as being minus all of those things except for the "roll". We just keep rolling along.

Yes, it's come down to this.

Here's Wifey and the dogs on the bridge last night. She was going to take my picture as further proof of the deterioration of Bob but somehow that was lost in the shuffle. You'll just have to imagine Bob wearing a Cheesehead hat.

Usually there are more people walking the bridge than we encountered on New Year's eve. But it was early. They probably came out of the woodwork later on.
Today the kids will be here for dinner following their afternoon of kayaking on the lake. I'll grill a turkey on the Weber. Wifey will fix veggies and mashed potatoes. The kids will bring a salad. At the beginning of the meal we'll bless 2009 with a prayer.

It will be a nice way to begin a new year.
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Anonymous said...

OK, so that was a cool looking Bridge. I would have given anything to see the Cheesehead hat on you....well maybe not anything but I would come close.....

Max Watson said...

Horns, cheeseheads, and trumpets?! Yeah, the grandfolks would have never considered doing a thing like that--but glad you did! Gave me a good laugh.

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