Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Friday!!

Used to be the word Friday meant it's just another day in the neighberhood.      Had an interesting  meeting with a personal Trainer who has promised me the  moon and stars for 450 smackers a month...I felt like asking him if I could get fries with that...

Well. the guy comes highly recommended by professionals that I greatly here's hoping that old Bob will be able to walk the walk once again.

This is about all  of the energy  I have to type it's good night to all my blogger friends!!  And may peace be with you....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Can't you tell that something is very wrong with Capt. Bob?  Like his posts are very abbreviated.   This is not the same old Bob.  A loss of 12 pints of blood and having to be jump started twice in the ER have taken their toll on my ability to type adequately(Among a lot of other things). Spelling correctly has become a problem. 

But then, I am lucky to be alive (they did not think I was going to make it)....sitting here listening to he scads of music I placed on the hard drive of my computer...the outcropping of my library of well over 700 CD's. Does it get any better then this?    YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET ASS IT DOES!!!  And it will!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Gracie was in  the play Aladin this past weekend.  Here she is with mom Denise. Our girl is growing up!!

The play was well attended and was enjoyable to watch.

Friday, March 22, 2013

  1. Photos Capture the Moment!!

Friend Bob Small did some shooting at Candace's memorial service (the end of October).  As the photos reveal it was well attended and most everyone enjoyed themselves: Check it out!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well, I did it... I flunked out of the Taste Test yesterday.  Meaning no removal of this freaking tube I have inserted into my chest....which really makes no sense at all 'cause I'm eating 3 squares each day and not relying on the tube for anything except application of the many "meds" that I'm on.... Go figure the logic there!!!

Saw the doctor this morning.  Nothing new to report. 

And that's all I know!!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


REDDING — A retired Apple Blossom School principal remained in critical condition Monday at Mercy Medical Center in Redding, after sustaining multiple stab wounds earlier this month.
Robert Watson, 68, and his wife, Candace Watson, 66, on Friday, June 8 were allegedly attacked at their Redding home by her nephew Cody William Nash, 30, of Oregon, who was staying with the couple at the time of the incident, according to the Redding Police Department.

Oficers responded to a 911 call just past 5:30 a.m., which led them to the Watson’s residence where they found Lynn “Robert” Watson in front of his neighbor’s house, suffering from multiple lacerations to his upper body.

Candace Watson was found dead inside her garage.
Robert Watson was unable to speak with officers and was immediately transported to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition, according to Redding Police Sgt. Al Mellon.

Officers also located Nash at the house. He was transported to Shasta Regional Medical Center — and later to jail — for treatment of lacerations to both hands, according to police.
During an interview with Redding Police Department investigators, Nash confessed to the murder of Candace Watson and the attempted murder of Robert Watson, according to police.
Investigators are looking at “a couple of potential motives,” said Mellon, who refrained from sharing what those motives might be, until he is certain himself. Mellon did say that Nash called his aunt a couple of days before he came to town and that she agreed to pick him up and let him stay. This was not the first time Nash had stayed at his aunt’s house.
“We are looking at checking on (Watson) in the next day or so. At this point he hasn’t been asked if he has any recollection of what happened,” Mellon said Monday. “Based on the extent of his injuries I would guess he will be in intensive care for weeks, if not a month,” he said.
“It’s an incredibly tragic situation,” said Twin Hills Union School District Superintendent Les Crawford, who used to work with Watson.
Watson left Apple Blossom School in 1995 after working there as a teacher and principal for over 20 years. He eventually moved to Redding and in 1997 took a job as the superintendent of Grant Elementary School District.
He retired in 2005.
“He was a terrific teacher and principal and he was a great guy to work with,” Crawford said. “When I first came to Sonoma County my son was in his class and what I admired about Bob was that at the very get-go, he cared about the kids and knew the kids and was their advocate,” Crawford said, adding, “I have been part of the Twin Hills community for a long time and Bob is respected and loved by everyone I know.”
Nash, who does not have a history of violence, according to Mellon, is being held at the Shasta County Jail on charges of murder, attempted murder, and assault with a deadly weapon (a knife).

Monday, March 18, 2013


In-N-Out Burger Secret Items

Next time you're craving this stuff just think of this list!!


Monday Monday!

So goes the old Mama & Papa's song.  Visitors today include Marc Beauchhamp and Patty Bay...the latter of which is my therapist...who would have ever thunked it that a "shrink would make home visits?!!  Well, Patty is a pretty special woman for starters...and a pretty damn good friend, too!

Patty and I talked and talked...with mostly Patty doing the talking and me nodding in agreement with most everything she said and proposed.....Marc was allowed in on the session which turned out to be  okay as he provided some insight that was invaluable......

All said and done, I need to get off the stick and get moving.  As it now stands I run the risk of being an invalid for the rest of my days unless I get off the dime...what a horrible thought that is!

And that's all I've got to say!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


The title to an old Doobie Brothers tune...well, it is another Sunday in the life of old Bob who's damned lucky to be alive (and who knows it through and through)  I learned just the other day that the surgeons had to "jump start" Bob's heart TWICE!   I was deader than a door nail in January!!!     Which explains to some degree the hardships I am now experiencing.

Gracie and her mom are due shortly to have lunch with me!  Life is good (well, kind of)!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Hard To Describe

It is hard to describe one's feeling following the untimely death of a loved one....Numb would be a great beginning.  Numb all over, can't feel a thing. One day I know it will hit...big time!  Kaaboom!!!  And there I''ll be...sitting there dumbfounded wondering what the hell it was that hit me......

Fortunately I have loved ones surrounding me along with a therpist friend that keeps Old Bob afloat and both oars in the water.

This weekend is Keith's birthday!!!  Time for a celebration!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Thanks to Dawn who spent hours on trouble shooting the computers sound system I now have access to my extensive audio library!  I don't think that I included in a post that we finally got the computers back from Redding PD.  Now it's just a matter of fixing things that they F'd up. 

My "sitter" is here watching over old Bob.  Keith has gone off to do a job, Dawn is working her job which leaves me in the care of the "sitter".  She's a nice enough gal.

Keith's birthday is coming up thi weekend.  We''ll celebrate with a whole lot of friends.

Time for a nap so TTFN!!!   

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The kids are scurrying round making the very best of their time.  Scott is here with Gracie and probably hang out until after dinner...Just a wonderful day to be alive and  count the blessings!!

Right now the back is aching and telling me to lie down.


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