Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When I'm Bored

Believe it or not, Wifey says let 'er rip when it comes to firing one of my handguns in the house.  That would be a loaded semi-automatic large caliber handgun.  Big bang.  Major hole in the walls. 

You see here a piece from the BBC production of Sherlock Holmes . .. and if you like the subject, check it out at Netflix.  Great entertainment.

Well you see, I'd do it, shoot many holes in the living room wall.   Really I would.  Dam, I love target practice.  Hang the repairs.  Just do it.  But one thing.  Living in the city limits of Cowtown would bring the tin stars knocking at my door.  Sure thing, one of my neighbors would rat me out.  Couldn't lie about it to the coppers.  No, I couldn't.   They'd smell gunpower.  They'd see the guilty look on my face (I'm a terrible liar).  They'd see Wifey pointing at the holes in the wall.

We used to have a cabin overlooking the Pacific ocean.  It sat on 100 acres of fir and redwoods tjay we owned that was complete with a year round creek running right through the middle of the parcel.  I could step out the back door of the cabin and empty all of the rifles and handguns I own in a 10 minute span of time without any worry of John Law knocking on my door.  The following week I'd read the local paper's crime reports and sure enough there would always be reports of gunfire coming from somewhere in our canyon.  I loved the publicity. 

After many issues with squatters growing weed along our creek and homeless folks camping on the property (leaving tons of waste to clean up), we decided, with much regret, to sell our 100 acres by the ocean.  But it was sold at the top of the California real estate market (after a lot of hard ball negotiations) for a price unheard of in the area.  We're sad to no longer own the place but smiling nonetheless.

I should move to a place in the forest.
We Were Warned
Five bucks for a gallon of gas has been a long time coming.  It's not like Americans were not warned 'cause we were.  There was every opportunity to trade in gas guzzlers for energy efficient transportation whether four wheels or two.  And if you couldn't afford that it was also possible to sell your wheels and walk or ride a bike, or even ride public transportation.  Lots of choices. 

We've had a trip planned to the Grand Canyon for quite some time.  Five buck a gallon diesel (or more) has made us think twice.  Pay dearly to tow the travel trailer for a couple thousand miles or think about the options to get to the Grand Canyon.  Like fly.  Like take the bus (groan).  Ride the train.  Or instead put the money that would have been used to work elsewhere . . .like feeding the poor in Africa, donating to the local homeless shelter....and so on. 

No doubt we're driving less.  Wifey's SUV eats around 18 miles a gallon.  The 1 ton pickup of mine gets 22 - 24 mph on the highway (unloaded and not pulling the trailer) all thanks to an energy efficient diesel that's turbocharged.   Nothing to rave about but still better than average for a pickup that size.

Staying home is really like a vacation.  There's two national parks, one 10 minutes to the west and the other about 30 minutes east of Cowtown.  The sailboat is moored in a lake 13 miles away.  There are mountains to hike, streams to traverse, backpacking opportunities galore.  If I were a fisherman there's been a fish for dinner most every night.  You get the picture.  Staying home is not so bad...not like we're living in the big city.

There is either a hybrid or electric car in the not so distant future for us.  It's just a matter of time and gasoline running 10 bucks a gallon.  Think I'm kidding?

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Walk In The Woods

Last week a friend and I took a vigorous 3 mile walk in the national forest just outside of Cowtown.  It was marked and there wasn't any danger of getting lost only of strokin' out with the steep inclines the trail had to offer.  And I mean steep inclines and long ones, at that.  I'm in fairly good shape and even at that the climb to the top had me blowin' and puffin'.  Good news:  Neither of us went into cardiac arrest or stoked out. 

A little stream ran along much of our hike.  It was one of the first watersheds mined for gold back in the 1850's. 

We found one abandoned mine named Mt. Shasta even though its namesake is located miles away to the north. 

As is the habit in our area, old mineshafts are blocked and often fenced to keep foolhardy people from attempting to explore them.  As you can see from the photo the Mt. Shasta mineshaft was blocked with debris and fenced.  Even at that it was apparent someone had climbed one portion of the fencing and probably tried to clear an entrance into this old mine.  At today's going rate for gold of $1,775 an ounce and in this economy I can't say that I can blame anyone from trying to seek their fortune.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upside Down World
It feels like it, doesn't?  Does your world feel upside down. . .like nothing is right and everything so very wrong.  Life definitely isn't like it used to be.  There was a time when change was good.  I was all for change.  Any change used to be usually a good thing.  In this century I've found that most change is not good. 

Is my mid century prospective is showing?  It should because back in the day life dominates my thinking.   Life then.  Life now.  If there were a time machine I'd go back. ... way back even before my time. ...to the old west, thank you very much.  Yes.  Where men were men and women could be too, if they were tough enough and/or good shots.

I love old west justice.  In the 1800's it was shoot first ask questions later or not ask them at all.  Horse/cattle rustlers, molesters, cheats, thugs, men with both eyes crossing, thieves, claim jumpers and the like earned speedy Judge Bean justice (if lucky) and were hung.  Those not so lucky were shot on the spot or roped and dragged through town with no repercusion to anyone with backbone who rendered their personal guilty verdict and who carried out their judgement in one fell swoop. 

But that's only part of it.  The old west was much before our democratic government (remember ---of the people for the people?)  has taken over your life and mine (we're over-governed and under served in case you had not noticed) and gotten into our wallets (think taxation without any social benefit other than the employ of umteen public servants --- more than ever were necessary).

To some revolution would be the only solution to the constraits that hold the American people.  I've given this some thought as your should.  If you've watched all that has transpired in the middle east, notably Syria, did you stop to think what the recourse of the American government would be to a similar uprising within our borders? 

My thinking is that we would be, much like the Syria's citizens, gunned down much like rabid cur on a bloody rampage.   Try any of that over throw the government revolution shit in the USA and you'll find yourself up the creek without a paddle, . . . in deep shit up your ears.......six feet under or in an 1,800 degree crematory oven.

American values and the spirit of democracy have been further plowed under by B. Obama who I consider to be a socialist (bastard) and our very worst president.  He's put American in debt that your great great great grandchildren will be burdened with.  He cannot make decisions.  He can't take a hard line with our enemies.  Numerous campaign promises have been ignored.  Obama screws those who are successful and in the process created a welfare state that currently sits on the backs of taxpayers.  99 weeks of unemployment benefits has yielded a class of citizens who would rather sit for the duration and enjoy the ride instead of actively seeking ANY! employment.

Now Obama is looking to heavily tax investment dividends which, if implemented, will great curtail the core of American's financial system. 

America is going to hell in a hand basket (and I'm sure not enjoying the ride).

What and who will ever right our world?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Need The Funk

We gotta turn this mother out!  From this morning's New York Post: 

"Because a Florida judge ruled last month that iconic funk king George Clinton doesn’t own the rights to any music he created from 1976 to 1983, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is now seeking help from fans online to preserve his recording studio. Clinton, the former leader of Funkadelic, has set up a $50,000 fund-raising campaign on leading “crowd-funding” Web site IndieGoGo, and he’s giving supporters autographed CDs and T-shirts for contributions as low as $35. Other items include private concerts and Clinton’s voice on your outgoing phone message. The broke singer’s IndieGoGo page says he’s aiming to “re-create” classic tracks, and it lists studio hardware he needs."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do Good?

It's not like I don't bring Wifey flowers every so often.  I do.  Usually two to three times a month there's a fresh bouquet with her name on it.  Wifey loves fresh bouquets of flowers.  When Valentine's Day rolls around the usual bouquet won't cut it.  It would b so same old, same old. 

Come February 14th a floral arrangement out of the ordinary is in order.    This year it was a dozen yellow roses.  Do good? 

Kiri, being a female, is always interested in flowers, too.  But that's only because this dog will eat, chew, consume anything organic.  Nothing is sacred, not even the wood trim around a few the doors in the house.  Yup, they've got chew marks.  Nothing serious that can't be glossed over by our friends the painters.

It was only natural then that Kiri check out of 2/14 vase of a dozen roses.  Apparently the yellow long stemmed flowers were not to her liking as the arrangement was left intact.  Now that's a first.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mardi Gras

It's that time of year again when the crazies get even crazier.  Have you ever been to a New Orleans Mardi Gras?  It's on the bucket list but not very close to the top.

These ladies have the right idea.  If you're going to New Orleans and want to show your boobs why not have fun doing it.  Six boobs . .. or as the saying goes, there's safety in numbers.  Hahahha.  Wonder if these gals made it into a Budweiser commercial?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Idiot Drivers

I'm not against technology.  I love it.  But when you're driving, drive!  Nothing pisses me off more than to sit a stoplight that turns green and the car in front just sits and sits and sits.  Gee, guess what they're doing?  I love my truck horn.  One blast ----a long one, the driver of the car in front of me pees their pants and off they go. 

People that want to do more than driving while they drive should either stay at home, pull over and do their hair, their makeup, slap the kids, text their BFFF, scarf that burger/chug that drink/munch those fries and take that blow job off the road and not while driving (for pete's sake!).  People definitely cause those of who who do none of those things problems. . . .like crashing into unsuspecting, law abiding folks. 

The fine for texting while driving should be as much as it is for running a redlight.  I'm talking 500 bucks, first offense.  Second offense a thousand bucks, judge gets to stomp the hell out of your I Phone or Me Phone, . . . whatever the hell they're called, right there in court.  Third offense it's jail time and assignment to a chain gang who breaks rocks with a sledgehammer all day  PLUS!  no cell phone or text privileges for a year.  Kind of like drunk driving after you've been cited three times for one toke or drink over the line.    Gotta teach these law breaking bastards somehow so why not taking a lesson from the Tough Love people.  Get-um where it hurts. 

Well shit, the ACLU and the liberal fart knockers would have my butt for breakfast (if I were king of the USA Obama style).  My deal would never fly.  It would be killed in the high courts as being so very cruel and so very not politically correct.  The latter would be Bob.  Ya think?

Oh, and don't forget to honk if you love Jesus.  You know what to do if you want to meet him.

Monday, February 06, 2012

On Second Thought

NOTE TO SELF:  Put aside the idea of opening a burger joint.  Open a theme based bowling alley.  Yup.  I be naming it Politician Alley.  Images of assorted politicians would be pasted above the pins. 

An advertising gimmick to get people to the lanes would this: STRIKE A BLOW FOR FREEDOM! ---every strike brings a free glass of beer.   That ought to bring scads of people.  Only thing (don't say anything but) the free glass of beer would actually be a 3 ounce papercup filled to the brim.  Can't go broke over serving free beer or send drunk on their ass bowlers out driving the street of Cowtown. 


Stuff like that. 

My, oh my, how I dislike Obama.  I just might keep his image up over the pins until he's out of office.  Hopefully that's sooner and not later.  Likely there will be a lot of pissed of Re-public-cans wanting to take out their frustrations.  Bowling at my place just might save lives or save mixed marriages (defined as a republican married to a democrat).

Ya think?

Friday, February 03, 2012


Who thinks of this stuff anyway?  Do they really do what's they're advertised to do? 

Wanna stand out in a crowd?  Wear a pair of these puppies next time you grocery shop.   Put on a shirt.  You'll be the topic of conversation at many dinner tables.

The perfect gift for your not so favorite friends.  Also a gift that is most likely to be re-gifted....over and over and over again.

Looks like this pair had been marked down to two bucks.  Wonder why......

Thursday, February 02, 2012

 Never Too Late

Check my title for this post.  Note that I've corrected used and spelled "too".  How many people would have written 'NEVER TO LATE"?  Pee poor spelling is a pet peeve of mine.  Okay, one of my thousand pet peeves.  I'm easily irritated.  So what?

I've always thought I'd love being in the restaurant business.  Even though I hate being around people the thought to go into that business is ever pervasive.  The more I know about people the more I love my dogs.  Yup.

I'd cook and wash dishes.  Wifey would be the public relations, stay in front part of the business.  She loves people.  Loves to chit-chat, small talk, ask questions and so on.  We need people like her and less of people like me. 

But if someone brought in one of my flyers, I'd go out and give that person a high five and a knuckle bump just to show them I can be one hella of a guy when I want to.

The menu would be all about burgers and not much else.  Like the Obama burger.  Ground beef mixed with bullshit.  Lots of onions to make you cry (like we're all crying for a new president). 

Pee Wee Herman  porno burger:  Burger patty with mini weenies.

Bill Clinton burger:  Cigar shaped patty with creamy Monica dressing.

Gringrich burger:  Patty mixed with ground up Ex-Lax.  Make ya feel like a real poop just like Newt is feeling right now.

Fire in the Hole burger:  Lots of hot sauce mixed into a patty, topped with hot peppers, onions.  There will be fire in the hole for you, pal.

This is just a sampling of what the menu would be like.  There would be a burger for everyones taste. 

I may not make a million bucks but there's bound to be a lot of laughs and lots of new friends (or enemies).

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Closing scenes from the movie Wind, directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  It depicts the last race to decide who will hold the American Cup.  Fiction but pretty damn realistic.  Many sailors will call this the finest film ever about the sport.

There's nothing like salt water sailing.  Nothing.

Lounge Mode

Today was lunch with a group of friends, one who said, "What happened to your blog.  You have not written since January 18th?"

Nothing has happened to it.  As for me, I've been here, there and everywhere.  Busy.  Not sitting here writing.

To help write this entry I put on Pandora, my internet music favorite.  Dialed in their Lounge Mode radio station which fits my mood.  Cool stuff.

Readying the sailboat for a late March/early April launch.  New windows.  Replaced most of the boat's running rigging.  New canvas hatch covers.  Hunt down that persistent stern leak that brings water into the cabin (small amount but enough to be irritating). Empty and clean the porta-potty (oh, my, how I hate that).  Repair the galley faucet (stopped working... needed a rebuilt kit).  Prior to launch wash and wax, repaint parts of the hull below the waterline.  Always something.

Then there's:


Listening to music (spinning old vinyls on the turntable).

Organizing income tax information for our accountant.

Keeping the home fires burning.

Walking the dogs and playing catch.

Helping around the house.  Cleaning.  Cooking.  Etc.  Has to be done.

Running errands. 

Pretty easy stuff.

One more thing. .. blood pressure.  Working it down little by little.  Looking good. 

I could have written during the dry spell.  Mostly my posts would have been about my disgust with our politicians, the GOP choice of presidential candidates, California's financial plight, the tragic state of our public education system, idiot drivers who free style behind the wheel instead of following the law and exercising even a little bit of civility/common courtesy.  See what you missed?

I really should write more.  I enjoy it.  The only difficulty is making time and finding a topic that interests me enough to write about. 

I guess I'm back (again).........

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