Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upside Down World
It feels like it, doesn't?  Does your world feel upside down. . .like nothing is right and everything so very wrong.  Life definitely isn't like it used to be.  There was a time when change was good.  I was all for change.  Any change used to be usually a good thing.  In this century I've found that most change is not good. 

Is my mid century prospective is showing?  It should because back in the day life dominates my thinking.   Life then.  Life now.  If there were a time machine I'd go back. ... way back even before my time. the old west, thank you very much.  Yes.  Where men were men and women could be too, if they were tough enough and/or good shots.

I love old west justice.  In the 1800's it was shoot first ask questions later or not ask them at all.  Horse/cattle rustlers, molesters, cheats, thugs, men with both eyes crossing, thieves, claim jumpers and the like earned speedy Judge Bean justice (if lucky) and were hung.  Those not so lucky were shot on the spot or roped and dragged through town with no repercusion to anyone with backbone who rendered their personal guilty verdict and who carried out their judgement in one fell swoop. 

But that's only part of it.  The old west was much before our democratic government (remember ---of the people for the people?)  has taken over your life and mine (we're over-governed and under served in case you had not noticed) and gotten into our wallets (think taxation without any social benefit other than the employ of umteen public servants --- more than ever were necessary).

To some revolution would be the only solution to the constraits that hold the American people.  I've given this some thought as your should.  If you've watched all that has transpired in the middle east, notably Syria, did you stop to think what the recourse of the American government would be to a similar uprising within our borders? 

My thinking is that we would be, much like the Syria's citizens, gunned down much like rabid cur on a bloody rampage.   Try any of that over throw the government revolution shit in the USA and you'll find yourself up the creek without a paddle, . . . in deep shit up your ears.......six feet under or in an 1,800 degree crematory oven.

American values and the spirit of democracy have been further plowed under by B. Obama who I consider to be a socialist (bastard) and our very worst president.  He's put American in debt that your great great great grandchildren will be burdened with.  He cannot make decisions.  He can't take a hard line with our enemies.  Numerous campaign promises have been ignored.  Obama screws those who are successful and in the process created a welfare state that currently sits on the backs of taxpayers.  99 weeks of unemployment benefits has yielded a class of citizens who would rather sit for the duration and enjoy the ride instead of actively seeking ANY! employment.

Now Obama is looking to heavily tax investment dividends which, if implemented, will great curtail the core of American's financial system. 

America is going to hell in a hand basket (and I'm sure not enjoying the ride).

What and who will ever right our world?

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