Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lounge Mode

Today was lunch with a group of friends, one who said, "What happened to your blog.  You have not written since January 18th?"

Nothing has happened to it.  As for me, I've been here, there and everywhere.  Busy.  Not sitting here writing.

To help write this entry I put on Pandora, my internet music favorite.  Dialed in their Lounge Mode radio station which fits my mood.  Cool stuff.

Readying the sailboat for a late March/early April launch.  New windows.  Replaced most of the boat's running rigging.  New canvas hatch covers.  Hunt down that persistent stern leak that brings water into the cabin (small amount but enough to be irritating). Empty and clean the porta-potty (oh, my, how I hate that).  Repair the galley faucet (stopped working... needed a rebuilt kit).  Prior to launch wash and wax, repaint parts of the hull below the waterline.  Always something.

Then there's:


Listening to music (spinning old vinyls on the turntable).

Organizing income tax information for our accountant.

Keeping the home fires burning.

Walking the dogs and playing catch.

Helping around the house.  Cleaning.  Cooking.  Etc.  Has to be done.

Running errands. 

Pretty easy stuff.

One more thing. .. blood pressure.  Working it down little by little.  Looking good. 

I could have written during the dry spell.  Mostly my posts would have been about my disgust with our politicians, the GOP choice of presidential candidates, California's financial plight, the tragic state of our public education system, idiot drivers who free style behind the wheel instead of following the law and exercising even a little bit of civility/common courtesy.  See what you missed?

I really should write more.  I enjoy it.  The only difficulty is making time and finding a topic that interests me enough to write about. 

I guess I'm back (again).........

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La Roo said...

I'm so glad the blood pressure is coming down. Maybe that's because you didn't write about politicians, plights, and idiot drivers.
It's stuff you can't change. That always makes things like blood pressure worse. Go back to your days of sailing and being silly and partying it up.
Free that mind of life's burdens.

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