Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Idiot Drivers

I'm not against technology.  I love it.  But when you're driving, drive!  Nothing pisses me off more than to sit a stoplight that turns green and the car in front just sits and sits and sits.  Gee, guess what they're doing?  I love my truck horn.  One blast ----a long one, the driver of the car in front of me pees their pants and off they go. 

People that want to do more than driving while they drive should either stay at home, pull over and do their hair, their makeup, slap the kids, text their BFFF, scarf that burger/chug that drink/munch those fries and take that blow job off the road and not while driving (for pete's sake!).  People definitely cause those of who who do none of those things problems. . . .like crashing into unsuspecting, law abiding folks. 

The fine for texting while driving should be as much as it is for running a redlight.  I'm talking 500 bucks, first offense.  Second offense a thousand bucks, judge gets to stomp the hell out of your I Phone or Me Phone, . . . whatever the hell they're called, right there in court.  Third offense it's jail time and assignment to a chain gang who breaks rocks with a sledgehammer all day  PLUS!  no cell phone or text privileges for a year.  Kind of like drunk driving after you've been cited three times for one toke or drink over the line.    Gotta teach these law breaking bastards somehow so why not taking a lesson from the Tough Love people.  Get-um where it hurts. 

Well shit, the ACLU and the liberal fart knockers would have my butt for breakfast (if I were king of the USA Obama style).  My deal would never fly.  It would be killed in the high courts as being so very cruel and so very not politically correct.  The latter would be Bob.  Ya think?

Oh, and don't forget to honk if you love Jesus.  You know what to do if you want to meet him.

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