Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do Good?

It's not like I don't bring Wifey flowers every so often.  I do.  Usually two to three times a month there's a fresh bouquet with her name on it.  Wifey loves fresh bouquets of flowers.  When Valentine's Day rolls around the usual bouquet won't cut it.  It would b so same old, same old. 

Come February 14th a floral arrangement out of the ordinary is in order.    This year it was a dozen yellow roses.  Do good? 

Kiri, being a female, is always interested in flowers, too.  But that's only because this dog will eat, chew, consume anything organic.  Nothing is sacred, not even the wood trim around a few the doors in the house.  Yup, they've got chew marks.  Nothing serious that can't be glossed over by our friends the painters.

It was only natural then that Kiri check out of 2/14 vase of a dozen roses.  Apparently the yellow long stemmed flowers were not to her liking as the arrangement was left intact.  Now that's a first.

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