Saturday, October 30, 2010

The NewBeats-Bread And Butter

Well Clog My Arteries!

 Last weekend in passing a friend said that AM/PM Mini Marts were now selling donut sandwiches:  A meat patty with cheese pressed between two donuts.  God lord, I thought.   In a country already overrun by overweight people, now this?  Must be all about money 'cause it sure isn't about healthy eating.

I checked this out on Google and could not find anyone selling these monsters other than....who else? ...but Krispy Kreme. 

Here's the bottom line:  Way too much of everything.  Take one look at these babies in person and your arteries will be screaming, OH NO YOU DON'T!!!

Then I get an e-mail from KFC this morning advertising a hALLOWEEN Colonel Sanders look alike contest.  Goes like this"

"Need a Halloween costume idea that's "So Good"? KFC has a recipe for the ultimate costume idea that includes a potential tasty prize. In honor of the Doublicious sandwich and as part of a year-long campaign to celebrate founder Colonel Harland Sanders' life and legacy, KFC is inviting fans to dress as the Colonel's Doublicious Double for Halloween. One lucky "double" will win free KFC Doublicious sandwiches for life! "

Win free Doublicious sandwiches for life and your life span might become shorter than you had planned. 

Doesn't look much healthier than the Donut Sandwich, does it?

What next?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bitch Slapping & Fighting

It was McDonald's after Wednesday's Giant's game in San Francisco.  A fight.  Bitch kicking, slapping, throwing chairs, screaming.  Then it all stops.  Then it starts again.  More bitch kicking, yelling, screaming, hitting, slapping.

It was reported that none of the drinking holes around the park had issues just lots of happy drunks.  Apparently "I'll take a Big Mac with fries" are fighting words.

A guy who blogs for the San Francisco Chronicle wrote this about the video:

"This was taken at the McDonald's right next to AT&T park. Some chick was arguing about their order, the chick with the yellow thong tells her, she shouldn't talk like that in front of her daughter. Chick says she's not my daughter and throws soda at the yellow thong chick. then all hell breaks loose.

No kidding. The fighting was done by women, with the exception of one large Latino man and mosly white, Hispanic, and a few African American women. Why the black women got involved in the fight is not clear, but one of them to jump into it throwing punches, then was helped by her friends as they hit another woman to the ground, then they backed off.

Not too long after that, a blonde haired woman threw what seemed to be a chair at the woman in yellow. Then, the rather heavy-set Latino man got involved again and punched someone else. Shortly after that, and next to him, two other women started fighting each other.


Then the camera, and we, are taken out of the McDonald's as you hear sirens in the background - the SFPD is on the way.

It's sad that people can't just enjoy the first World Series game played since 2002, but overall this blogger has noticed a "mean climate" around the baseball events. But it also depends on where you go. None of the bars I went to had this problem."
Damn, I just love a good chick fight.  If they only had a little mud to wallow around in . . . . .

Check it out:

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Alright, get your mind out of the gutter.  More than 7 inches of rain.  That's what I'm talking about...since 5 p.m. Friday through 11 a.m. Sunday.  The ground is saturated and it's all running off.

It's noon and it's still raining cats and dogs!  MEOW!  WOOF!!  Hear it?

Made me think of this song:

And this one...but first, you should know that it's not Ella singing Stormy Weather here but Kay Star.  Whoever posted this on You Tube made an error that's not been corrected.

Now That's A Spicy Ah Meatball

Last night we drove an hour north to Mt. Shasta accompanied by two friends to have an Italian dinner.  We must have really wanted that dinner because it rained cats and dogs on the drive up and the drive back.  Like rain came down in sheets making driving up in twilight not so bad but in pitch black 9 at night made it a bitch to drive even in the truck . .. poor visibility, stupid ass drivers driving too fast for conditions, semi trucks giving off dirt and spray that made passing them a feat of skill.

This looks like an old menu that was on the Internet.  Prices have changed a bit from then  but what was served has not.  Wifey and her girl friend each ordered a filet topped with mushrooms cooked with lots of oil and garlic.  I asked for fried chicken with ravioli.  The boy friend wanted spaghetti with meatballs. 

So that we could watch the Giants/Philly baseball game dinner was in the bar close to a big screen TV instead of the dining room.

Family style dining:

Large bowl of minestrone soup.  More than enough for four.

Large plate of salad.  Just enough for four.

Very large plate of antipasto (salami, olives, cheese...etc)

Huge basket of French bread.

There was so much food we had to be rolled out of the restaurant.

Decent food...a 7 on a scale of 1-10.  Great atmosphere.  Friendly.  Homey.  Many local families dining together.  We'll go back.  When it's not raining.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

After You Hit a Home Run:

A Guide for Major League Baseball Players.

BY Kate Hahn

1. Point to God.

2. Kiss necklace.

3. Kiss your hands, biceps, and shoulders. Kiss each finger, individually.

4. Begin running.

5. At first base, stop, mount podium your agent has rolled out for you, and make thank you speech.

6. Kiss your own mouth, for making such a beautiful speech.

7. Run slowly, very slowly to second. Raise your hands in the air to make the crowd cheer louder. Fist pump! Monster face! Gorilla gallop! Back flip! (Kidding, you're not in that kind of shape.) It's like you are the only player who has ever hit one out of the park!

8. At second base, call agent on cell and demand endorsement deal with God.

9. Between second and third, tackle opposing team's shortstop and ask him, "Who the man? Who the man?" Dance on his chest, pointing to the sky.

10. At third base, build a small church. Invite select group of international dignitaries to attend your first sermon. Preach about how God will make you rich if you follow the right path, especially if it's an uninterrupted path around a major league baseball diamond.

11. Refuse to cross home plate until you have warmed up for your happy dance.

12. Jump on home plate and do happy dance. This should be a signature move that fans associate only with you, or it can be from Footloose, which everyone loves. Either way, it should include pointing at the sky.

13. Do a chicken-walk toward the dugout, emphasizing a head nod at the catcher. This shows the fans you have a sense of humor about yourself. Plus it subtly reminds them to buy your bobblehead doll.

14. Enter dugout. High five your teammates. One high five is not enough! Allot ten minutes. Refuse to come out of dugout again until your agent has gotten you the endorsement deal with God.
Love Me Love My Issues

I borrowed the photo from Miss Maggie's blog because I thought it was so existential.

A lot of people whine that their lot in life is because of what had happened to them somewhere along life's path.  "I've got issues!"  Ever hear that one.  Supposedly claiming that one has issues is to excuse piss poor behavior.  Like having issues makes it okay to be an asshole?  Tell that to a cop next time they put the bracelets on you.  "I HAVE ISSUES!  I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!"  Right buddy, now tuck your head down so we can tuck you safely away in the back of our squad car.  That's about how far any claim that your issues made your break the law.

Do you have issues?  We all have to some extent.  Take me for example. Every shit ass thing that happened to me in my life had some influence on my life but in the end I made up my mind to be . . . to become . .. who I am today.  And whatever issues I have played some part but I didn't let them get in the way . . .

This whole where I ended up deal was planned out.  Every detail.  No kidding.  I did.  Starting at about 8 or 9 years old I lay awake at night . . . on how I would never live my life and where I was going.  Step by step.




Redhaired wife.  Great marriage.

Save money and invest it.

Do lots of stuff (travel, recreation)

Live well.

You get the picture. 

Sure, there were forks in the road where I got forked.  All minor interruptions and irritations.  Like taking a road trip from San Francisco to New York there's gonna be detours.  And that's what they were.  Still got to New York.  Just took a bit longer.

This is not to say that a life lived is not a life unscathed because it was.  Sure, there are issues.  You've got them, I've got 'em.  Do they interfer with life.  Not so much . . . life is about adjustment and if you can't adjust you're up a creek without a paddle.  Life will be miserable.   When it's that time of the month and you're on the rag it doesn't do any good to trash the house, shoot holes in the roof, get drunk and drive over a cliff in a foggy stupor.  Get's you know where.  So you adjust.  Grin and bare it.

Love me, love my issues.  Anyone around me knows this.  This means that in return their issues need to be understood and that I need to love them back in return (while I grit my teeth, damn it!).

 A squeaky wheel sometimes gets oiled.  If it keeps squeaking it's replaced and sent to the junkyard.  No one likes a wheel that can't be fixed.   

Don't end up in the junkyard of life just because your issues got the best of you. 

Friday, October 22, 2010


Gotta great weekend lined up.   A little dining.  A little dancing.  A little banging the gong!

SO?!  Get it on!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wifey the Dancer

Here's a video that included Wifey when she was in the business of dancing.  The girl could rock out. 

Wifey is a front row dancer on the right wearing glasses.  Ain't she just the cutest thing you ever did see?

After this was filmed the two of us went out for dinner . .. a place where all the movie stars dined then we drove to the ocean to watch the submarine races.  Don't know which sub won but inside the car it sure was exciting.  It was definitely not anti-climatic. 

Anyway, enjoy Wifey's dancing.  It's what dancing was all about back in the day, don't ya know?

Friday, October 15, 2010


Chandler Arizona, the Heart Attack Grill.  There's always a way to make a buck and here's an example of just that.  Huge burgers.  Fries cooked in pure lard.  Most everything on the menu is supersized.  Place decorated to look like an ER.  All the employees dressed up like nurses or doctors.

If you're hefty you'll eat for free.  Every day.  All day.  Like already fat people need more fat people food?  And for free?!  If you're 350 pounds or more, live in Chander Arizona, you'll never go hungry. 

Their burgers do look tasty....

"Nurses" take your order and serve up the food.  But before you eat you must pass a physical.  Bet they don't ask the guys to turn their heads and cough.

Whatta way to make a living.  Whatta place to have a burger.  Not sure I'd eat the lard fried french fries though.

If you order and eat their largest burger then you're loaded onto a wheel chair and rolled out to your car.  Now that's what I call curb service.

I gotta go there.

Friday, October 08, 2010


They don't make 'em like this anymore. .. .I'm talking boobies and bras people, not slide projectors.  Pointed boobies are a thing of the past. . . and made men conduct conversations with comely women while looking below the neck and not above.

I guess that's why I like watching Madmen, the cable TV program.  It's about the 60's and those who worked in the advertising business.  One of the actors, Christina Hendrix, is close to a carbon boobie copy of this photo.

Don't you wonder what Bell and Howell was thinking when they approved this ad as concocted by their ad agency?  Did they really think the ad would stimulate business?  Heck, it definitely stimulated a lot of inner urges in our red blooded American male population that had nothing to do with buying slide projectors.

I wonder where Sabrina, the model in the ad, is today.  Probably looking all used up living in a trailer somewhere in the deep south . . . boobies no longer looking like knockers up but looking like raisins on a string.  You get the picture.  Gravity rules:  What goes knockers up has to go knockers down some time or another.

 Isn't life grand?
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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Got Cahonas?

CNN on air celebrity Rick Sanchez is the latest to show that he has no cahonas.  You know what I mean.  Say something that's really true but may not be politically correct then realize you've just committed professional suicide and renege on it. 


I'd love for someone to stick to their guns and not chickenshit/weasel out of their rant.

Yeah, I said it.  So what?   I'm not going to apologize.  EVER! 

Ever hear anyone say anything close to that?  Nope.

Damn, our men are without backbone.  Say what you mean and mean what you say. . . or shut up!

It wasn't long ago that I booted an idiot out of my office.  This guy was a dope with no respect or manners.  I can only take so much.  And I did.  What I had enough I booted him.  He was pissed that I had the CAHONES to make him leave.  Really pissed.   But he left.

My board had me on the carpet at their next meeting for tossing this bum out of my office. They wanted answers.

Was I sorry?  No.  Would I apologize?  No.  Would I do it again?  Yes.  Did I give a shit what the board thought?  No.  They should have known if not quick to learn that it's my way or the highway.

That wasn't the first time that I had committed a politically incorrect act, stood my ground. . . not taken the shit, . . . not stood there and grinned and bared it, ready to take the consequences of whatever it was that was said or did.

Much, if not all of what Rick Sanchez said is, in my opinion, true.  Too bad he had to wimp ass up and beg forgiveness when Rick should have stood his ground and not taken back what he had said. 

What a sorry ass you are Rick Sanchez.   You're a piss poor excuse for a man.  You're definitely missing one or both of your cohonas.     
Bed & Breakfast?

The house up the hill and around the corner sold this last spring.  A couple bought it using an inheritance.  With the couple came an extended family of 3 or 4 young men and their derelict autos.  There's like 8 cars in all parked in and around the house. They're all beat run cars.   The front of the house looks like a wrecking yard.   The new family has certainly been a blight on the neighborhood.  Garbage, crap, dirt, rocks . .. you name it, they've placed it in the front yard, in their drive and in the street.

One of their neighbors talks to me regularly.  He stops to chat during his "walk the dog" mornings.  He's livid on the change to the neighborhood.  What used to be a nice, quiet, orderly neighborhood has in part turned into the ghetto.  I don't blame him but there's not a lot he can do to make the mess go away.  Basically he has to grin and bear it.

This week the family piled two old mattresses into the back of their small red pickup.  It's used as a haul it to the dump vehicle.  Only thing crap sits in it for days or weeks on end until they take time to make a dump run. 

So my neighbor pal walks by the house yesterday.

Me:  It's nice to see there's a new bed an breakfast in the neighborhood.

Him:  Really?  I didn't know.  Where is it?

Me:  It's across the street from you.  "That" house is now a bed and breakfast.

Him:  NO!

Me:  YES!  They only have one bed to rent out.  It's in their spare bedroom located in the back of the red pickup parked in front.

Well, I thought it was funny.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Under Cover

 I'm a firm believer in caring for anything bought that's worth something.  At 14 mom and dad bought a ski boat and were content to leave it outside and uncovered.  It was a nice little boat, an expense for my parents who no doubt made time payments to buy it.  Yet they didn't think it important to spend a few bucks for a cover to protect their purchase.  So I did that using money earned from my paper route.

The fifth wheel was bought in 2004 and encased in a cover from the get go whenever it was not being used.  It's paid off as the finish has not faded, the rubber roof is like new, the seals around the tipouts and windows look like they did when the trailer was purchased.
The trailer was moved to an RV storage area this last week....that's it just to the rear of Wifey's rear.  After it was set in place Wifey and I covered all 32 feet of it with a cover bought several years ago.  The cover is beginning to show wear from exposure to the sun.  There are places that are pretty thin compared to others. 

We patched the thin spots and the holes knowing that a new cover will soon have to be ordered from the RV supply store.  The cover is 3 and maybe 4 years old.  It's time to replace it.

Stretching the cover out in the parking lot, making repairs and talking some talk with Wifey was actually fun.  And to boot our RV storage lot is right in line with the glide or take-off path for incoming or outgoing aircraft.  Watching aircraft taking off or landing a mere 900 feet from where we were standing added something cool to an already pleasant outing.

It's fun doing stuff like this with your very best friend.  This would definitely be What About Bob's All About...........

BTW:  THIS POST 1,450! 

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Around They Go!

Gracie's school held their annual Jog-a-thon last week.  Each of the students garnered pledges for each lap they ran.  Our girl ran 10 laps and earned $110 for her school.

It's not unusual for this event to yield more than 25k for the school.  What's brought in is used to buy things the school could not normally purchase. 

Gracie inherited Wifey's long legs.  For a little shit she can really kick out.  Run Grace, run!

Ten go rounds later Grace is smiling, happy and feeling good knowing that she ran her little heart out in the name of helping her school.

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