Friday, October 15, 2010


Chandler Arizona, the Heart Attack Grill.  There's always a way to make a buck and here's an example of just that.  Huge burgers.  Fries cooked in pure lard.  Most everything on the menu is supersized.  Place decorated to look like an ER.  All the employees dressed up like nurses or doctors.

If you're hefty you'll eat for free.  Every day.  All day.  Like already fat people need more fat people food?  And for free?!  If you're 350 pounds or more, live in Chander Arizona, you'll never go hungry. 

Their burgers do look tasty....

"Nurses" take your order and serve up the food.  But before you eat you must pass a physical.  Bet they don't ask the guys to turn their heads and cough.

Whatta way to make a living.  Whatta place to have a burger.  Not sure I'd eat the lard fried french fries though.

If you order and eat their largest burger then you're loaded onto a wheel chair and rolled out to your car.  Now that's what I call curb service.

I gotta go there.


Bigger said...

Wow I want to go there. here in NC cooking in lard is just a way of life. you can get a 5 gallon bucket at the local grocery store. thats probalbly why every one is on blood pressure med by the age of 25

La Roo said...

I love that the owner used to be a nutritonist.
I've seen this place before and wanted to go when we go to my brother's in AZ. Which will be ...I don't know when? I would love to at least experience it and have a few bites of the yumminess. Wanna all meet there?

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