Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bed & Breakfast?

The house up the hill and around the corner sold this last spring.  A couple bought it using an inheritance.  With the couple came an extended family of 3 or 4 young men and their derelict autos.  There's like 8 cars in all parked in and around the house. They're all beat run cars.   The front of the house looks like a wrecking yard.   The new family has certainly been a blight on the neighborhood.  Garbage, crap, dirt, rocks . .. you name it, they've placed it in the front yard, in their drive and in the street.

One of their neighbors talks to me regularly.  He stops to chat during his "walk the dog" mornings.  He's livid on the change to the neighborhood.  What used to be a nice, quiet, orderly neighborhood has in part turned into the ghetto.  I don't blame him but there's not a lot he can do to make the mess go away.  Basically he has to grin and bear it.

This week the family piled two old mattresses into the back of their small red pickup.  It's used as a haul it to the dump vehicle.  Only thing crap sits in it for days or weeks on end until they take time to make a dump run. 

So my neighbor pal walks by the house yesterday.

Me:  It's nice to see there's a new bed an breakfast in the neighborhood.

Him:  Really?  I didn't know.  Where is it?

Me:  It's across the street from you.  "That" house is now a bed and breakfast.

Him:  NO!

Me:  YES!  They only have one bed to rent out.  It's in their spare bedroom located in the back of the red pickup parked in front.

Well, I thought it was funny.

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La Roo said...

Can you call the city and complain about stuff in the front yard? Or cars parked to long in one place? Just a thought.

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