Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Got Cahonas?

CNN on air celebrity Rick Sanchez is the latest to show that he has no cahonas.  You know what I mean.  Say something that's really true but may not be politically correct then realize you've just committed professional suicide and renege on it. 


I'd love for someone to stick to their guns and not chickenshit/weasel out of their rant.

Yeah, I said it.  So what?   I'm not going to apologize.  EVER! 

Ever hear anyone say anything close to that?  Nope.

Damn, our men are without backbone.  Say what you mean and mean what you say. . . or shut up!

It wasn't long ago that I booted an idiot out of my office.  This guy was a dope with no respect or manners.  I can only take so much.  And I did.  What I had enough I booted him.  He was pissed that I had the CAHONES to make him leave.  Really pissed.   But he left.

My board had me on the carpet at their next meeting for tossing this bum out of my office. They wanted answers.

Was I sorry?  No.  Would I apologize?  No.  Would I do it again?  Yes.  Did I give a shit what the board thought?  No.  They should have known if not quick to learn that it's my way or the highway.

That wasn't the first time that I had committed a politically incorrect act, stood my ground. . . not taken the shit, . . . not stood there and grinned and bared it, ready to take the consequences of whatever it was that was said or did.

Much, if not all of what Rick Sanchez said is, in my opinion, true.  Too bad he had to wimp ass up and beg forgiveness when Rick should have stood his ground and not taken back what he had said. 

What a sorry ass you are Rick Sanchez.   You're a piss poor excuse for a man.  You're definitely missing one or both of your cohonas.     

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Bigger said...

Preach it brother preach it

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