Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Under Cover

 I'm a firm believer in caring for anything bought that's worth something.  At 14 mom and dad bought a ski boat and were content to leave it outside and uncovered.  It was a nice little boat, an expense for my parents who no doubt made time payments to buy it.  Yet they didn't think it important to spend a few bucks for a cover to protect their purchase.  So I did that using money earned from my paper route.

The fifth wheel was bought in 2004 and encased in a cover from the get go whenever it was not being used.  It's paid off as the finish has not faded, the rubber roof is like new, the seals around the tipouts and windows look like they did when the trailer was purchased.
The trailer was moved to an RV storage area this last week....that's it just to the rear of Wifey's rear.  After it was set in place Wifey and I covered all 32 feet of it with a cover bought several years ago.  The cover is beginning to show wear from exposure to the sun.  There are places that are pretty thin compared to others. 

We patched the thin spots and the holes knowing that a new cover will soon have to be ordered from the RV supply store.  The cover is 3 and maybe 4 years old.  It's time to replace it.

Stretching the cover out in the parking lot, making repairs and talking some talk with Wifey was actually fun.  And to boot our RV storage lot is right in line with the glide or take-off path for incoming or outgoing aircraft.  Watching aircraft taking off or landing a mere 900 feet from where we were standing added something cool to an already pleasant outing.

It's fun doing stuff like this with your very best friend.  This would definitely be What About Bob's All About...........

BTW:  THIS POST 1,450! 

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La Roo said...

A Macy's Day skunk balloon was the first thing I saw.
It's nice to be married to your best friend...I know I am too.

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