Friday, October 08, 2010


They don't make 'em like this anymore. .. .I'm talking boobies and bras people, not slide projectors.  Pointed boobies are a thing of the past. . . and made men conduct conversations with comely women while looking below the neck and not above.

I guess that's why I like watching Madmen, the cable TV program.  It's about the 60's and those who worked in the advertising business.  One of the actors, Christina Hendrix, is close to a carbon boobie copy of this photo.

Don't you wonder what Bell and Howell was thinking when they approved this ad as concocted by their ad agency?  Did they really think the ad would stimulate business?  Heck, it definitely stimulated a lot of inner urges in our red blooded American male population that had nothing to do with buying slide projectors.

I wonder where Sabrina, the model in the ad, is today.  Probably looking all used up living in a trailer somewhere in the deep south . . . boobies no longer looking like knockers up but looking like raisins on a string.  You get the picture.  Gravity rules:  What goes knockers up has to go knockers down some time or another.

 Isn't life grand?
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La Roo said...

I love adverising like this. It's kind of like the ones that said 8 out of 10 doctors prefer smoking Camels.
Sex sells and that's what Bell and Howell were thinking.
I've got to get me one of those pointy bras. Wonder if you could even find one? Probably.

Mike said...

It's all in the bra. There's no way they defied gravity like that when she was riding the photographer cowgirl-style after the photo shoot. Maybe they were already raisins on a string even back then, really droopy except when they were in that cone-shaped bra.

Wasn't it Dolly Parton who described her cleavage as "10 pounds in manure in a 5 pound bag"?

Bigger said...

So this is where Madonnna got the idea

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