Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back to Normal?

Hardly.  It is going to be quite awhile until I'm well enough to care for myself.    Thanks to sone-in-law Keith, who bathes me, feeds me (I'm tube fed), gets me in and out of the hospital bed, drives me to doctor's appointments and who even wipes my ass which willl give you a brief look into what my daily life has been reduced to. I'm bored to shit to boot. Working this computer is pure effort on my part as I've also lost some of my fine motor skills; what once took me an hour or less to hammer this blog out now takes twice the time and double the effort. They keep telling me that I'm improving but franklyI don't see it. Problematic is the inability to walk or at least walk unassisted.   Then there's talking; the vocal chords were cut during the attack.

There's a ton stuff that I won't go into (like being able talk) but you get my drift; bob has become an invalid all thanks to a mindless fucking kid who killed someone (the wife) who always stood by him and who nearly took my life.12 pints of blood and many stiches later here I sit worse for the wear but raring to go once I am able to care for myelf. That's months away meanwhile daughter Dawn and her husband Keith have moved in with me with the latter of the two providing round-the-clock care that I still need. Thank God for their help along with excellent physicians and a wonderful mental health provider Patricia Bay,I think I'm going to make itl 
No one ever said this was going to be easy.

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