Saturday, March 31, 2012

LMAO. ... This is the shit that would happen to me. . .. and you?

Jerry Lee Lewis What'd I Say

Earlier this month old Jer married for the 7th time.  When the judge asked Jerry if he'd take his girl friend to be his lawfully wedded wife, Jerry said, WHAT'D I SAY?!!!
The Eyes Have It

Like it?  Does it bring on thoughts of a juicy burger?   Hmmm.

Well, it's actually an ad for Burger King in the Netherlands. The most ingenious aspect is undoubtedly the lettuce-green mascara, which has been artfully clumped to better resemble a vegetable addition, but I'm also totally into the tiny white dots on the eyelids. It was McDonald's who captured these sesame seeds in song, as an ad for the Big Mac, but Burger King's clearly got its rival beat by recreating the garnish in eye shadow.

It must be fun to work to create off the wall advertising.  That would be right up my alley.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Which One?

Something for everyone.  Or is yours a combo with fries? 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Things In Little Packages

Kinzie may be just 13 weeks old and weigh 2 pounds/2 ounces but she more than makes up for size in her energy.  She's a fireball, hell on wheels and pops until she drops.  Don't be fooled by the innocent, "what me?" look she sports.  Big things do come in little packages.

By all appearances she'll only weigh but 4 pounds at maturity. 

Our new pup has adjusted well with exception of sleeping all night.  She'll wake and beginning whining anywhere from 3:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. meaning she needs to hit the backyard quickly and consume a little morning chow.  Then it's back to snoozing.

Kiri loves to romp with the new pup.  They'll chase and wrestle.  Interestingly, the older of the two is careful not to bite or be too rough with Kinzie.  But then Kiri is amost a pup herself being but two years of age, she still loves rough and tumble stuff along with a good chase around the yard and sometimes all through the house (I should video the house stuff...too funny!). 

While Kiri is care with the little one, Kinzie isn't always that considerate.  Once in a while during one of their wrestling matches, Kinzie will come up with a mouth full of blonde fuzz that's been snatched from Kiri's underbody.  If it were hurting her, Kiri would be the first to yelp which thus far has not happened.

Here's a move that Kiri loves:  Get underneath the small dog and flip her over.  Such fun!

At one time one dog was plenty.  Then there were two.  When Kiri adopted us little Zoe was still alive which made three.  Not long after Kiri's arrival Zoe passed away leaving us with the former and Zinnia.  Two dogs were enough.  Then Wifey gets the bug for another small pup much like 5 pound Zoe.  So here we are.

Three dogs may not seem like a lot of trouble but they really do demand attention, Vet checks and medications along with regular shots, expensive chow, and training.  Camping in the RV will be somewhat more burdensome than with two dogs.  While camping there's three to walk two or three times a day, three to take outside every couple of hours on leash to do their duty, three to live in the confines of a 30" trailer when it rains., three to stumble over while living in close quarters, three to entertain. 

While at home Kinzie just can't run loose alone in the backyard.  You see, all around us are predators who would love a little morsel like Kinzie.  I'm talking about the hawks and owls who frequent the trees around our home.  They're the birds of prey who we need to watch for.

It's not that I don't like dogs and not that I don't love this little bundle of fire we're adopted.  I do.  Ya just have to ask yourself when it comes to things like taking on a new dog, How Much Is Enough?

Man, three has got to be more than enough.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rice On A Hillside

A photo in the Sacramento newspaper caught my eye last week.  It was similar to the ones you see here.  What an interesting and resourceful use of land. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Luck of the Irish

We had a crew over for a St. Paddy's dinner.  It 's always a chore to plan and prepare a meal for company not to mention swabbing down the house before they arrive.  All said, we enjoy having guests over. 

Here's a photo of Wifey and Kinzie. .. who, by the way, is 12 weeks old.  She remains a light weight and can't weigh more than 2 pounds.  The two other Poms want desperately to play with her but they're just too big and would surely over power the little girl.  One day we'll allow that but only when little Kinzie can hold her own.

I bring Wifey flowers at least twice a month or more which always is to her delight.  It's nice to suprise her with differing varieties of flowers.  This week is was miniature roses.   Here's several bunches that sat on last night's dinner table. 

One of our guests last night is a therapist and has been trained in "cupping" which she applies to a few of her clients.  In case you're not familar with cupping:

The air inside the cup is heated and the rim is then applied to the skin, forming an airtight seal. As the air inside the cup cools, it contracts, forming a partial vacuum and enabling the cup to suck the skin, pulling in soft tissue, and drawing blood to that area. Alternately, the suction is created by a hand-pump and blood is allowed to collect.

In a typical cupping session, glass cups are warmed using a cotton ball or other flammable substance, which is soaked in alcohol, let, then placed inside the cup. Burning a substance inside the cup removes all the oxygen, which creates a vacuum.

As the substance burns, the cup is turned upside-down so that the practitioner can place the cup over a specific area. The vacuum created by the lack of oxygen anchors the cup to the skin and pulls it upward on the inside of the glass as the air inside the jar cools. Drawing up the skin is believed to open up the skin’s pores, which helps to stimulate the flow of blood, balances and realigns the flow of qi, breaks up obstructions, and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body.

Depending on the condition being treated, the cups will be left in place from 5 to 10 minutes. Several cups may be placed on a patient’s body at the same time. Some practitioners will also apply small amounts of medicated oils or herbal oils to the skin just before the cupping procedure, which lets them move the cups up and down particular acupoints or meridians after they have been applied.

In China, cupping is used primarily to treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and congestion; arthritis; gastrointestinal disorders; and certain types of pain. Some practitioners also use cupping to treat depression and reduce swelling. Fleshy sites on the body, such as the back and stomach (and, to a lesser extent, the arms and legs), are the preferred sites for treatment.

Our guest talked about how she and a native American friend practiced wet cupping hours before arriving for dinner.  There's dry and wet cupping applications as defined here:

In “air” cupping, instead of using a flame to heat the cup, the cup is applied to the skin, and a suction pump is attached to the rounded end of the jar. The pump is then used to create the vacuum.

In “wet” cupping, the skin is punctured before treatment. When the cup is applied and the skin is drawn up, a small amount of blood may flow from the puncture site, which are believed to help remove harmful substances and toxins from the body.

She was a bit light headed last evening and no wonder considering the amount of blood she had lost.

This is not for me but as the saying goes, Whatever floats your boat. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm feeling like it's time to put a little bitty lime in da coconut..... It's Friday and what the hell?!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Over The Top

A Florida Democratic headquarters has been flying this flag for months.  Apparently it had gone unnoticed until a veteran's group spotted it last week.  Then all hell broke loose and rightfully so.

Desecration of Old Glory is the name of that tune.  This isn't even a partisan issue.  It's over the top, shove it down everyones throat b.s. 

This flag was taken down but the head Democratic cheeses made no promises that it wouldn't be flown again.

Think of the sentiment if someone created a similar flag with the image of Nixon or G.W. Bush.  Yeah, wayyy over the top just like this one.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

About Time!

It's high time for Sparkle Plenty to be back in the water.  She's been on the trailer parked in our RV parking area since the end of October.  During the month of October the lake is lowered 10 feet to make room for winter rains.  It's necessary to haul the boat out before the lake in October before the lake level drops significantly.    Putting SP on the trailer this last time was a real bitch as the lake was already 6 feet below normal. 

Anyway, it's take the boat out in October or there's no choice other than to leave her moored in the lake for the winter. 

This winter repairs and upgrades were made to the boat.  The sails were professionally cleaned.  Most of the running rigging replaced.  The topping lift was upgraded.   New windows (6 total) are replacing the originals in the next week or so.  SP still needs a good cleaning and polish.  By the end of March the Bureau of Reclaimation will be raising the level of the lake and we'll be good to go soon after.

Wifey likes to take the helm which is a good thing.  Consider what would happen if I happened to fall overboard.  Then what?  It's essential that she knows how to haul down the sails, secure them, put the outboard in the water, start it and motor over to fish me out of the water. 

Wifey has a good sense about her and there's no doubt that she could do that.  We've practiced the "Bob goes into the drink" drill and she's about got it down pat.

It will be good to get back to sailing.  I've missed that.  There's nothing like the smell of water, the sound of wind filling the sails, the beauty of nature and the peace of it all.

It's about time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Look

Wanna go sailing?  Wifey bought this wonderful bathing suit for me  to wear just for cruising the waves.  I'm thinking I'll be the hit of the yacht crowd and the talk of Cowtown.

Ya think?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springing Forward

This morning the wife wondered out loud (WOL) what got into her when she made the decision to bring home a new pup (now named McKinsey --- or Kinzie for short).  You see, for the upteenth night in a row Wifey has to rise and shine early to meet the yelping/whining needs of Kinzie.  This morning it was 2:30 a.m. which has to be the earliest of the lot.

Once Kinzie had time outside to do her duty it was back to the crate to polish off a night's sleep.  Wifey, on the other hand, remained up to do this, do that and tidy up the kitchen following last night's dinner party for 7.  Then life sprung forward by an hour thus cheating her out of a precious 60 minutes of snooze time.  Yawn.

Kinzie's a great little pup with lots to learn.  Wifey is a great little spouse with lots to learn, too.  Like all that puppy cuteness comes with a personal price to pay.  It ain't all roses.

Speaking of flowers, here's a lovely specimen growing outside the kitchen window as snapped by Wifey yesterday afternoon.  Like it or not, Spring has sprung time and weather wise.  Time to get that six pak of abs in shape for summer fun. . .. ya think?

Monday, March 05, 2012

New Kid On The Block

Wifey has this deal where she loves to surprise me . .. with new pups.  Last week brought this new addition to our family of Pomeranians which now number three. 

Yet to be named, our Little One is 8 1/2 weeks old, weighs a whopping one and a half pounds and is full is piss and vinegar.  Check the video posted below which will verify the Little One is actually Pom-Zilla.

Grace has to play mother.  Must be in the blood.  She just had to haul out a baby bottle from her collection of doll accessories, fill it with pablum and then watched as little Pom didn't suck down the tasty concoction but chew on the end of the nipple.

I've always thought that one dog was enough.  When the population surged to two dogs that was plenty enough for me.  Now that there's three dogs I'm wondering just what the hell we're doing.  Like vet bills alone are enough to choke a bills for shots, heart worm medication, flea medication and $$$ for illnesses.  Then there's monthly bucks to the groomer.  Food.  My head is spinning from just thinking about it.

Well, the dogs do bring great joy and happiness to our empty nest.  And I thought kids were an expense.  I hadn't seen anything . .. yet! 

PS:  Can't embed the video of the new Pom here but can post the link. Must be a problem with YouTube.    Click, click and check it out.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Frontier

Wow!  The Girl Scouts are breaking new ground with the introduction of this candy bar.  It's definitely a departure of the box upon box of cookies.  Call it a new frontier for our girls in green.   Anyone who loves their thin mints is bound to go for the thin mint crunch bar. 

I bought 4 boxes of cookies several weeks ago from a scout.  The new candy bar wasn't on her list of goodies but I'm told later this month the scouts will have an ample supply of them.

I kept two boxes and gave the other two to our neighbor across the street.  Neighbor Ed is a veteran of WWII (Battle of the Bulge) and I try to honor him with goodies whenever possible. 

About the new candy bars.....Yes, we're gonna have a wing ding!

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