Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Things In Little Packages

Kinzie may be just 13 weeks old and weigh 2 pounds/2 ounces but she more than makes up for size in her energy.  She's a fireball, hell on wheels and pops until she drops.  Don't be fooled by the innocent, "what me?" look she sports.  Big things do come in little packages.

By all appearances she'll only weigh but 4 pounds at maturity. 

Our new pup has adjusted well with exception of sleeping all night.  She'll wake and beginning whining anywhere from 3:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. meaning she needs to hit the backyard quickly and consume a little morning chow.  Then it's back to snoozing.

Kiri loves to romp with the new pup.  They'll chase and wrestle.  Interestingly, the older of the two is careful not to bite or be too rough with Kinzie.  But then Kiri is amost a pup herself being but two years of age, she still loves rough and tumble stuff along with a good chase around the yard and sometimes all through the house (I should video the house stuff...too funny!). 

While Kiri is care with the little one, Kinzie isn't always that considerate.  Once in a while during one of their wrestling matches, Kinzie will come up with a mouth full of blonde fuzz that's been snatched from Kiri's underbody.  If it were hurting her, Kiri would be the first to yelp which thus far has not happened.

Here's a move that Kiri loves:  Get underneath the small dog and flip her over.  Such fun!

At one time one dog was plenty.  Then there were two.  When Kiri adopted us little Zoe was still alive which made three.  Not long after Kiri's arrival Zoe passed away leaving us with the former and Zinnia.  Two dogs were enough.  Then Wifey gets the bug for another small pup much like 5 pound Zoe.  So here we are.

Three dogs may not seem like a lot of trouble but they really do demand attention, Vet checks and medications along with regular shots, expensive chow, and training.  Camping in the RV will be somewhat more burdensome than with two dogs.  While camping there's three to walk two or three times a day, three to take outside every couple of hours on leash to do their duty, three to live in the confines of a 30" trailer when it rains., three to stumble over while living in close quarters, three to entertain. 

While at home Kinzie just can't run loose alone in the backyard.  You see, all around us are predators who would love a little morsel like Kinzie.  I'm talking about the hawks and owls who frequent the trees around our home.  They're the birds of prey who we need to watch for.

It's not that I don't like dogs and not that I don't love this little bundle of fire we're adopted.  I do.  Ya just have to ask yourself when it comes to things like taking on a new dog, How Much Is Enough?

Man, three has got to be more than enough.

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A cutie though! :-)

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