Monday, March 05, 2012

New Kid On The Block

Wifey has this deal where she loves to surprise me . .. with new pups.  Last week brought this new addition to our family of Pomeranians which now number three. 

Yet to be named, our Little One is 8 1/2 weeks old, weighs a whopping one and a half pounds and is full is piss and vinegar.  Check the video posted below which will verify the Little One is actually Pom-Zilla.

Grace has to play mother.  Must be in the blood.  She just had to haul out a baby bottle from her collection of doll accessories, fill it with pablum and then watched as little Pom didn't suck down the tasty concoction but chew on the end of the nipple.

I've always thought that one dog was enough.  When the population surged to two dogs that was plenty enough for me.  Now that there's three dogs I'm wondering just what the hell we're doing.  Like vet bills alone are enough to choke a bills for shots, heart worm medication, flea medication and $$$ for illnesses.  Then there's monthly bucks to the groomer.  Food.  My head is spinning from just thinking about it.

Well, the dogs do bring great joy and happiness to our empty nest.  And I thought kids were an expense.  I hadn't seen anything . .. yet! 

PS:  Can't embed the video of the new Pom here but can post the link. Must be a problem with YouTube.    Click, click and check it out.

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