Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When I'm Bored

Believe it or not, Wifey says let 'er rip when it comes to firing one of my handguns in the house.  That would be a loaded semi-automatic large caliber handgun.  Big bang.  Major hole in the walls. 

You see here a piece from the BBC production of Sherlock Holmes . .. and if you like the subject, check it out at Netflix.  Great entertainment.

Well you see, I'd do it, shoot many holes in the living room wall.   Really I would.  Dam, I love target practice.  Hang the repairs.  Just do it.  But one thing.  Living in the city limits of Cowtown would bring the tin stars knocking at my door.  Sure thing, one of my neighbors would rat me out.  Couldn't lie about it to the coppers.  No, I couldn't.   They'd smell gunpower.  They'd see the guilty look on my face (I'm a terrible liar).  They'd see Wifey pointing at the holes in the wall.

We used to have a cabin overlooking the Pacific ocean.  It sat on 100 acres of fir and redwoods tjay we owned that was complete with a year round creek running right through the middle of the parcel.  I could step out the back door of the cabin and empty all of the rifles and handguns I own in a 10 minute span of time without any worry of John Law knocking on my door.  The following week I'd read the local paper's crime reports and sure enough there would always be reports of gunfire coming from somewhere in our canyon.  I loved the publicity. 

After many issues with squatters growing weed along our creek and homeless folks camping on the property (leaving tons of waste to clean up), we decided, with much regret, to sell our 100 acres by the ocean.  But it was sold at the top of the California real estate market (after a lot of hard ball negotiations) for a price unheard of in the area.  We're sad to no longer own the place but smiling nonetheless.

I should move to a place in the forest.

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