Thursday, February 02, 2012

 Never Too Late

Check my title for this post.  Note that I've corrected used and spelled "too".  How many people would have written 'NEVER TO LATE"?  Pee poor spelling is a pet peeve of mine.  Okay, one of my thousand pet peeves.  I'm easily irritated.  So what?

I've always thought I'd love being in the restaurant business.  Even though I hate being around people the thought to go into that business is ever pervasive.  The more I know about people the more I love my dogs.  Yup.

I'd cook and wash dishes.  Wifey would be the public relations, stay in front part of the business.  She loves people.  Loves to chit-chat, small talk, ask questions and so on.  We need people like her and less of people like me. 

But if someone brought in one of my flyers, I'd go out and give that person a high five and a knuckle bump just to show them I can be one hella of a guy when I want to.

The menu would be all about burgers and not much else.  Like the Obama burger.  Ground beef mixed with bullshit.  Lots of onions to make you cry (like we're all crying for a new president). 

Pee Wee Herman  porno burger:  Burger patty with mini weenies.

Bill Clinton burger:  Cigar shaped patty with creamy Monica dressing.

Gringrich burger:  Patty mixed with ground up Ex-Lax.  Make ya feel like a real poop just like Newt is feeling right now.

Fire in the Hole burger:  Lots of hot sauce mixed into a patty, topped with hot peppers, onions.  There will be fire in the hole for you, pal.

This is just a sampling of what the menu would be like.  There would be a burger for everyones taste. 

I may not make a million bucks but there's bound to be a lot of laughs and lots of new friends (or enemies).

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