Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Can't you tell that something is very wrong with Capt. Bob?  Like his posts are very abbreviated.   This is not the same old Bob.  A loss of 12 pints of blood and having to be jump started twice in the ER have taken their toll on my ability to type adequately(Among a lot of other things). Spelling correctly has become a problem. 

But then, I am lucky to be alive (they did not think I was going to make it)....sitting here listening to he scads of music I placed on the hard drive of my computer...the outcropping of my library of well over 700 CD's. Does it get any better then this?    YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET ASS IT DOES!!!  And it will!!!!


La Roo said...

Although you might think something is very wrong with you......I think everything is right with you.
You're going through the hell beast of your life as a survivor and doing what you can. Your strides might not seem big to you but they are what you can do and you're pushing. That's all you can do. That's all any of us can do. We must go at our own pace at stuff. Your moving forward and thats a plus.
I'm sad and mad for you, and oh so proud of you. I'm glad your here to be onry and pick on me.
You make me smile.

Bob said...

Thanks for making my day with this comment!

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