Thursday, January 22, 2009


The fence around the backyard has 1,120 boards. I know because yesterday I counted them.

Something is eating portions of many of the cedar fence boards. Termites? Worms? Aliens from outer space? Who knows.

One by one the boards are being replaced by yours truly at 2 bucks a shot.

It's a Zen thing replacing the boards. One with nature. In tune with a hammer that removes the "holy" boards. Grooving with a cordless drill used to attach screws through the new board and onto the stringers.

I figure on doing 40 boards a month so as not to break the bank. At that rate it will take all of 28 months to replace each of the 1,120 fence boards.

At that rate the boards replaced this week will probably have holes in them 28 months from now. That would mean starting the replacement process all over again.

Nothing like job security to make a guy feel wanted.

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Anonymous said...

Job security sure...but what about the budgets? Remember the money going to the boards could be better spent on the beer you need to power your sailboat...

Max Watson said...

From the shape of it, it really does look like something's eating the wood. You should bring a sample of it down to the lumber yard and ask what you can do to prevent it from occurring again, as the rest of that infected board looked like it could withstand many, many more years.

Bob said...

Fox: There's always money for beer whether it's good, bad or ugly brew.

Max: Great idea. I feel that I have a termite problem but should get a second opinion. I know what I can do to somehwhat eliminate the problem based on Internet research: Run a treated stringer board on the bottom and set the fence boards on it. That will keep the termites from entering the board from the ground level. If I replace each of the panels instead of a board here and a board there (and I should) that's what I'll do.

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