Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" starts today.

So today the naysayers have begun their rant that this man will be no different than any other president of ours and that it will be status quo, business as usual. I just can't bring myself to believe that.

This morning I read, as I usually do, the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle and an article in regards to the inauguration of President Obama. Then I read the reader's comments that went with the article. Some negative. A lot were positive. A comment made by one reader struck home.

"To the negative little minds that have filled this blog, I think you need to look in the mirror. Do you in any way shine as bright as President Obama? Have you studied the Constitution as carefully, or served it as dutifully. You should look carefully at who you are, and what you bring to the table. This was a noble and promising speech.

I have lived long enough to remember stability of Ike, the murder of Kennedy, the uselessness of Johnson, the corruption of Nixon, the ineptness of Carter, the phoniness of Reagan, the covert killings of Bush Sr., the successes and excesses of Clinton, and the utter stupidity of Bush Jr. Obama has surpassed them all by simply being elected. That was a political miracle.

I wish him well from the start. I am more behind this man than any other in my lifetime. My intuition tells me we have elected the very best possible choice for undoing all of the Bush crimes of state, and with his cabinet, for righting our financial wrongs."

The weight of the responsibility that he now holds will soon press down firmly on the shoulders of this man.

Keep your smile, Mr. President. Keep the spirit and the drive that we've seen you exhibit for the past 24 months and America will be better for it.

The White House was built on the backs of slaves. That a black president now occupies the White House is irony at its finest.

It is indeed a new day in America.

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Anonymous said...


I am of mixed emotions about this. Being serious for a moment, I am fully behind our President. I did not vote for him but now that he is there he has all of my support and I look up to him as a leader.

I look up to him as such because of his accomplishments...not because he is black. If Hilary made it to the White House, I would be no less patriotic.

I think prejudism ends when we stop looking at skin color.

Bob said...

When we stop looking at skin color (and I've been color blind for most of my life) then we'll continue with those other things mentioned in the post here that carries the Chris Rock thoughts on racism. There will always be something for people to diss. Always.

Jes said...

I read that readers' comment when you posted it on Shells blog, and I loved it! What a beautiful, positive way to combat hate and negativity!

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