Monday, January 12, 2009


Bob is 450 miles from home shopping for a sailboat.

Here's what is being considered. Like anything else there are issues and complications. Then there's haggling from what the deal wants and what Bob is willing to spend.

Buying this boat is far from being a done deal. Like any good buyer I'm prepared to walk away if the terms of sale are not to my liking.

The boat's interior is like new. The stove, sinks, head, etc., have never been used. In fact, the inside still has that new smell.
One of the sinks is located in the head.
The marina is in the flight path of the local international airport. F-15's assigned to the National Guard passed by, as well as many commercial aircraft, as they approached the runway.

And guess what? Okay, what. A half block from the hotel room is a HOOTERS!

I did Hooters last night or did Hooters do me? Hmmmm.

More on that venture later.

Wish me luck.

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CozyMama said...

that is a pretty one. I love hooters. although being in one during a cowboys game is scary if you are in Texas. good thing i did not wear that chargers jersey.

Anonymous said...

OH My! Nice- Can't say I'd want one.

Fear of Boats has a choke hold on me.


evalinn said...

So...when will you make up your mind?

Anonymous said...


If anyone can get the Boat at their price, its you Bob! Make it happen bro! Make us proud....

Also, what makes me think that you will also throw in complimentary Hooters gift cards as part of the deal.

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