Friday, January 23, 2009



I have not shaved since the middle of December. Yesterday in the bank:

Teller: Oh, are you growing a beard? It looks so very nice.

Me: Nope. Not growing a beard. Just stopped shaving.

Teller: Isn't that same as growing a beard?

Me: Nope. Don't want to grow a beard. I just stopped shaving.

Teller gets stupid look on her face to go with her stupid question. Rule of Bob's thumb: Stupid questions deserve stupid answers.


Guys (and ladies, too): Nose hair is soooooo disgusting. Lots of ear hair is a close second.

Have you ever known someone who never ever cuts their nose hair? I have a good friend like this. Somehow I need to send him one of those battery powered rotary blade nose hair shavers. He should get the hint.

Bob's list of things he hates is long. But it's Friday and I won't start the weekend with a rant. Besides, I need to stop inventing things to be annoyed with. That would be a good thing.

TGIF! as a reminder that when you put your shoes on that Toes Go In First.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when I was in Italy. No offense to anyone but I was seriously turned off with these women who did not shave their pits...any of them.

Do you know how fast I walked out of the stripper bars in Italy? Yuk!

La Roo said...

I hate when people smack their mouth when they eat. Also hate when people like me haven't blogged in a while. Bad Laroo.
How have you been Bob?

Anonymous said...

Looks like I need to get on a plane to Italy!

Bob said...

Fox: You haven't checked out Chica blog, have you. She has hair under her arms that's toooo cute.

Laroo: People who smack their mouth when they eat? I'm not taking your bait, girl. . . :)

Chica: Sounds good to me. I've got the frequent flyer miles, too!

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