Sunday, January 18, 2009


After school Friday the backyard temp was unseasonably warm and at 80 plus degrees.

Like any kid on a Friday once home from school Grace changed into her bathing suit, hit the backyard and pulled the lid off of the sandbox she's enjoyed since age one.

The sandbox hadn't had the lid off since I covered it in October. It was filled with rainwater that's fallen since then.

Like Wifey at the same age, another Mudpie Queen now adorns the family tree. Mud, dirt, you name it, Grace loves to wallow in it.

And in the mud there's always simple treasures of natures that can be found, appreciated and tucked away.

While Grace was wallowing in the sandbox I sat in my home office finishing a few pieces of work. Zeen often follows me only to lounge in the recliner across from my desk.

Zeenie can be an upside down girl as you can see here. It's a favorite resting position for her. She'll sleep and sleep and sleep just like this.

Topping Friday off was this sunset.

Kids. Dogs. And a beautiful sunset. Three important ingredients of what Italians call Bella Viva.

Translated: a beautiful long life.

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Jes said...

Awesome pics!! I hope Gracie never loses her love of getting a little dirty!!

Anonymous said...


those are some great pics...I can't see it getting any better than that...unless of course Pamela Anderson comes over to give you a certified check for a Billion, in the nude....

Max Watson said...

80+ in January?! Damn, it's still hovering around 30 in these parts. I wish it was even just 50 so I could hop on my bike and get some execise.

Max Watson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob said...

Jes: I don't think she will, Jes.

Fox: OMG, you're into Pamela Anderson, too? Godess of the godesses? That said, Pam is looking a bit used up lately, don't ya think?

Max: Well, you could come and live with us, ya know and enjoy that weather year 'round.

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