Saturday, January 17, 2009


Wifey volunteers her time every Friday to read to Grace's class during their weekly visit to the school library.

Yesterday Bob and Zeenie tagged along. Zeen's been trained in the Read program. As the story goes, she now knows how to sit and listen attentively to a story that is being read to children.

The pictures here are words in themselves that Zeen needs just a little more training in this area. Either that or we've got an AD/HD pup on our hands who could care less about a story being read.

And if you were a dog listening to what Wifey was reading all you'd probably hear is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Now how interesting could that be to our dog?

Well, Grace loves Wifey to visit. She sits up front with her, shushes the kids when they're talking out of turn and in general feels like the leader of the pack. Like most canines, kids like to be an alpha dog.

Here's Zeenie is looking over Grace's shoulder at me and thinking, "Get me the hell out of here!"
I enjoyed the time at Grace's school. The employees are always friendly. Kids are happy. It's a wonderful place to get an education.

And I should know. Old Bob was the leader of this school district for just over ten years. Little did I know that the fruits of my labor would one day benefit our grandchild.

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Max Watson said...

Fridays could also have Dancin' with Bob in the Gym... I see hats, masks, and the funky chicken.

Anonymous said...

So, that's pretty cool! Yeah, the pooch is very well behaved indeed.

I bet the stories are cool too. I remember and miss those library days.

Bob said...

Max: That is probably next. They'd take my name off of the gym after that!

Fox: Too bad Wifey isn't as well behaved. She's a handful.

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