Saturday, January 03, 2009


There's a life expectancy to every blog. I'd say anywhere from a year to no longer than 2 is the average life of any blog.

The life of this blog thus far is 28 months or 845 posts. You'd think that it would be headed for extinction or something like that. No such luck, people.

I hate it when it becomes a habit for me to follow someones blog and then all of a sudden they "close up shop". Don't you hate that?

Bloggers who quit usually remove their blog or just let it sit and gather cyberspace dust. There are some who don't quit but add a feature to their blog that requires a password to access it. I hate being left out.

I feel like quitting, too. Hang this blog up. Do something different like open a shelter for wayward women of the evening. Or maybe open a Hooters in Cowtown. Naw, I won't do that.

Rather than close this down the blog going to do a 180 to keep my interest. It's time to change-up and do something different on What About Bob? It's time to show whoever shows up to read this thing that this old dog can learn new tricks.

Don't expect anything fancy, anyone naked, any profound revelations, scholarly thinking or family secrets to be on this blog. "Here" will still be all about Bob here but a different Bob. Very.

Okay, get that, "Bob's a going for a sex change, I just know it!" notion out of your head! Bob the Hetero loving all things stupid will remain just that. Now all I got to do is do what's on my mind. As I've always written here, "I blog, therefore I am." All this said, opening a Hooters in Cowtown sounds like a hellofa lot of fun.

The picture that's posted here should give you an idea of where What About Bob is headed.

Need I say more (at least for now)?

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evalinn said...

Ok, not sure I get what u mean, but I sure would hate to loose u in cyberspace (eventhough I know I´ve been a lazy blogger myself the last year or so). Happy New Year Bob!

La Roo said...

Damn!!! No Bob gone Wild?
I was hoping the New Year would bring naked Bob!!
How are you?? Bet you thought I was a statistic??

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Calling from the other side of the globe to wish you 2009 -- a year of delights and good surprises!

Please keep in touch should you migrate elsewhere on cyberspace!

Destiny said...

I have tried many times to email you an invite to read my blog but I can never find an email address for you :(

Please don't stop blogging, I still visit ever day.

Bob said...

Evalinn: Sorry. Sometimes I write in tongues.

Laroo: Bob gone/getting wild is coming. Thanks for asking how I am. GRRRReat! And yes, I wondered what has happened to you! Get with it, girl!

Lea: You'll be the first to know if I make a move.

Destiny: Thanks! I've e-mailed you with my addy.

CozyMama said...

thanks for the comment about selective hearing, does he have to start this young? however my husband is a pro at it.

Anonymous said...


I have no idea were my last comment to this post went. It just disappeared on me.

Sounds to me like you are experiencing the winter blues. I am not one to talk here as I have pissed others off by taking my old blog I completely understand how you feel.

Just remember that your blog rocks! And if you do open up a hooters there in Cowtown...make sure you take pics of the applicants....

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