Friday, January 16, 2009


The blue waters of Lake Shasta, taken yesterday. It's a man made lake now sitting at 141 feet from the crest of the dam. That's a lot.

Having not driven by the lake for a while it was shocking to see how really low the level of the water is.

They say it will take 80 inches of rain to fill the lake. To date there has been but 8 inches of rain this season. With no rain in sight it makes one wonder come July and everyone wants to recreate on the water how much will there be to enjoy?

This lake is also a major source of water for farmers and residents of southern California.

You can see the normal crest or capacity of the lake at the shoreline. It's not been this low since the 1970 era California drought.

Not much of a place for a lakeside picnic.
Here I'm standing on what was last year the bottom of a shallow portion of the lake.
Cowtown Lake is 20 miles to the west of Lake Shasta. It has a bit more water as it is not released in the volume that it is at Lake Shasta. Cowtown Lake is where we'll keep our sailboat and sail this summer.

Let's see now, we're headed for a major drought, the economy world-wide is in the toilet, there's major unemployment, global warming is becoming a reality, there are crooks everywhere who seem to successfully be able to pull off Ponzi schemes, and there's major fighting and killing in the Middle East and Africa.

What next?

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty low.

I don't understand our Government and who does the thinking. Some areas of our country are in sever drought. Others are having flooding. You would think that the genius' running the show could establish a national water pipeline across all states so that when there is flooding we could move the excess water to the areas that need it?

Not only that but think of how many jobs it would create...

Not only that but our homeowner's insurance premiums would go down as there would be water in the areas that need it...Drought, fire, etc. And there would be less flooding as the excess water would be captured and processed correctly...then distributed.

Who is doing the thinking anymore?

Jes said...

Wow! I had heard it was low but I had no idea it was THAT low! It's gonna be a rough summer if this keeps up!

evalinn said...

U and your man-made-lakes, is that a US thing?

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