Monday, January 19, 2009


Sunday was one of those days where everything was just ducky . . . literally!

Worked in the garden. Read the Sunday paper. Coffee on the patio. Scrumptious fish and chips dinner. Two televised football games with my teams, the Steelers and the Cardinals winning . . . and both headed for the Stupid Bowl.

And all that plus a drive to the lake with Wifey and Zeenie to check out the slip we're leasing that's without a boat in it.

We met the dock master, Bob. I like guys with Bob for a name. It makes it easier for me to remember their name next we meet. Guys named Bob are always cool and always very different. Bob the Dockmaster is just that.

And we saw a huge flock of ducks part of which are pictured here. There were soooo many that I just had to say out loud, 'WHAT THE FLOCK?! LOOK AT ALL THE DUCKS!"

Down the dock from our slip is this boat, Eddie's Fantasea. Get it? Get it?

Wifey: I wonder what kind of guy owns this boat.

Me: Guy? What makes you think a guy owns this boat?

Wifey: Only a guy whose name is probably Bob would own a boat with two seats in the front, a fake lobster hanging over the front windshield, dancing fish on the top with driftwood sculptures on its deck. The guy has to be a Bob. No doubt in my mind.

Now tell me this isn't the coolest boat you've ever seen. There's no other boat like this.

Ya gotta admit, whoever owns this beauty of a boat has got to be a real character. Like I said, real characters in this world are named Bob and that guy owns this boat.

And don't you forget it!

I'll leave you with this:

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in the lake?


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Anonymous said...


I have so got to get over there to get a ride on that one.....

...Hey, I know this cool guy named Bob! He wants a boat too!

Max Watson said...

Wishful thinking aside, this boat belongs to a guy named Eddie. Unless it belongs to a gay guy named Bob who's boyfriend's named Eddie, I can't understand the naming of it as "Eddie's Fantasea" any other way. Looks like there's some Chinese character next to the window too, which is probably something odd given the Western fascination with it.

Bob said...

Fox: I can fix that up for you. If I can't, there's that old gift I have of knowing how to hot wire anything and everything. We'll take that ride come hell or high water. Come on over!

Max: You know Cowtown. Hard to tell who's who without a program.

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