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Well hell, it's Stupid Bowl time again. Last year I was working in Big Valley and there watching this damn game in a turn of the century (that would be turn of the 19th into 20th century and not 20th into 21st) hotel/bar restaurant.

Like it was just me, the barmaid and the chick owner. Everyone else was home watching the game. If nothing else there were the tray upon tray of complimentary treats meant for the throngs of people who never showed up . . . all for me.

I like football cheerleaders. It's too bad the networks always concentrate on the action ON the field and not along the sidelines . . . you know, like on the cheerleaders. They need their 15 minutes of fame, too.

Now take this Cardinal cheerleader. In between slurps of beers and chomps on ribs I'll be looking for her along the sidelines cheering come Stupid Bowl Sunday.

Betcha didn't know that Obama was a Steelers fan. No need to ask who he's a rootin' and a tootin' for on Sunday. The tooting part will depend on what kind of chili our new prez chows down on.

Betcha can't light that, Mr. President.

I'm thinking the Steelers will take the game. The Cardinals are good but not as bad assed as the Steelers defensive line. Beside, the Steelers have our man in the White House on their side. The boys from Phoenix won't score a lot of points on Stupid Bowl Sunday.

Stupid Bowl Sunday is about football. It's also about watching Stupid Bowl commercials that supposedly are so sucking cute but really are not.

Then there's the food. Bob will be feasting on chicken with wings in the the air outfitted complete with olive boob jobs and minus the pits.

There's something about food with boobs and it's legs in the air that makes me soooo very hungry that makes me think about things not associated with food.

What Stupid Bowl would be complete without ribs and chili. Heck, it will be a feast here. Wings with olive boobies. Chili. Ribs.

Did I mention beer?

The good ship Papa Bob will be awash in brew.

That's a big part of being an American.

That would be the right to bear arms full of brew accompanied with a gut full of food.


It's also a time for: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME GLUTTONY???!!!

Ready. Set. Down. Pass the wings with boobs, please.

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Max Watson said...

I'll be watching too, but it'll be Monday morning. Some bars open up and put the game on the big screen TV's, but you won't find me there, nope, I'll be watching with my bathrobe on.

Anonymous said...

If my new England Patriots are not playing, I really don't care about the outcome. I will be watching the Superbowl for the commercials....

Nancy said...

I know close to nothing about football, and love to bet among family and friends. I've actually won a few bets for no aparent reason except luck. It pisses them off and that is so worth it. I too, love the food and boobs.

Bob said...

Max: If son was like father you'd hit the bars on Super Bowl Monday in Korea in your bathrobe. Make me proud!

Fox: Well hell, Fox. There's always beer if there's not your team playing.

Nancy: What's your phone number?

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