Saturday, January 10, 2009


24 is back! Tomorrow night on Fox. I can hardly wait to see what cigarette smoking, DUI convicted, gravel voiced, always up shit creek Jack Bauer is up to.

I thought that it would be time for everyone to meet Jack Bauer's brothers. A couple of the bro's pass by Bob's house frequently. Wife and I know all about the Bauer family.

Okay, first picture: Sack Bauer. He's kicking back at the house waiting for Wifey to bring him a can of beer in her thong.

You got to meet the rest of the Bauer brothers.

Back Bauer, chiropractor. Tells funny jokes. He can crack you up at two levels (get it? get it?)

Cack Bauer owns a chicken farm and knows why a chicken crosses the road.

Fack Bauer owns Wikipedia. His employees have a habit of saying when they're angry, "Go fack yourself!"

Hack Bauer is in jail for breaking into Pentagon computers.

Lack Bauer is lazy and lives off of the public dole.

Mack Bauer drives a semi full of Budweiser.

Nack Bauer owns an antique store.

Pack Bauer hauls stuff up to the top of Mt. Everest.

Quack Bauer practices medicine without a degree. Need Viagra? Quack get order you 1,000 pills today and no questions asked!

Rack Bauer gave up his manhood in favor of becoming a tranny. His implant job is a work of art. Most women would die for Rack's boob job.

Tack Bauer grooms horses.

Yack Bauer hosts a talk show along with Rose-ass O'Donnell. What a couple those two are.

To round out the Bauer Bro's here Whack Bauer. He's a hit guy for the Mafia. Whack Bauer came by the house the other day and wanted to sleep next to Wifey on MY side of the bed.

You can see that the bro just got into our bed and sat there staring like he was expecting something.

I told Whack to go whack and sack somewhere else. Whatta guy. The nerve some people have.

Wifey says Whack Bauer's lips look like a vagina. If anyone knows vaginas it's Wifey. Click on the photo to enlarge it and check out the lips. What do you think? Vagina lips or not?

Be sure to watch 24 tomorrow night. It's bound to be a two hour sit on the edge of your seat kind of show.

Ya just gotta love Jack and all of his brothers. They're a one of a kind family.

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Max Watson said...

Dad, you're nuts. And I think I spy some Archie McPhee on that bag...

Bob said...

Thank you, Max. I'm proud of that accomplishment. And you're right about the Archie McPhee stuff. I just love it!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't kiss those lips?

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