Saturday, August 02, 2008


Even though she's a five pounder, eleven years old with 8 teeth left, Zoe will take on anything and anyone. She's rightfully earned the name of POM-ZILLA.

Anyway, this is the dog that generates the question, "What is she?"

I should have a t-shirt printed with Zoe facts on it. It would save a lot of time talking to people. The wife says I should like talking to people more than I really like talking to people . . . if that makes any sense to you.

I talk to people for a living. When I'm not working then I'm not talking. When you get to be Bob's age you start to ask yourself how much talk is left. Didn't the good Lord grant us so many talking minutes just like cell phone companies do? When you're out of minutes then you're out, bud . . . and then you're disconnected. I sure don't want to run out of minutes before my time . . .do you?

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Blessed said...

Cuty puppy wuppy!

Hi Bob!


Bob said...

Wow, it's you, Blessed. I was beginninig to wonder what had happened to you. Welcome back!

Max Watson said...

Dad's out of minutes! With mobile phone companies they start to charge high per-minute prices, but with terrestrial communications it clearly starts to tax your patience.

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