Thursday, August 28, 2008


A good friend in the teaching profession tutored Gracie for several weeks over the summer. The goal was to give Grace a "leg up" on starting first grade by refreshing reading skills that got a bit rusty.

Here's Grace with Miss Linda, her tutor.

Letter and vowel sounds, Dolch word lists, handwriting, letter & word games, reading short, reading three letter word stories, writing stories . . . that's what Miss Linda and Grace did together.

A November child, Grace is young for the grade she's assigned to. She's still five years of age when most of her peers are six. It's important to give her any help needed to keep up with the rest of the class.

Compare Grace to a boy born in November and you'll see why that developmentally the females are far more advanced that boys of the same age. It's interesting to observed. Socially, verbally, coordination . . . you'd never guess this girl was five. Now reading can be added to the list of what Grace does well all due to Miss Linda. It took that little jump start to get our girl headed in the first grade direction.

Wifey and Grace wanted to make something special for Miss Linda as their appreciation for a job well done.

Here you see what started out to be a stepping stone but ended up as as decoration for Miss Linda's garden. There were just too many objects set into concrete that would have broken if stepped on.

Miss Linda and Gracie are pictured celebrating the last day of summer tutoring. We're celebrating that our grandchild is off to a great educational beginning.


We'll see you next summer for more tutoring.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Yay Gracie! She rocks! Way to go...That is really awesome news. And doesn't it give you the warm fuzzies to see a child begin to read like that? It does for me with my kids.

DNA said...

I wish that every child that comes into first grade had a jump start like Grace. Like I said, she is going to be a tremendous help to her teacher this year! (Maybe she can teach some of the 15 boys in her class to read.)

Anonymous said...

Miss Katie loves this!! Oh, nothing makes me happier, Bob. You all are just such an awesome foundation for that gorgeous and smart granddaughter of yours!!

Bob said...

Fox: Yup, the girl does rock. I'm covered with warm fuzzies!

DNA: No doubt Gracie already has a handle on those 15 boys and leading the pack during recess. She's some kid.

Katie: Thank you! As a preschool teacher you know well what the first five years of life means in terms of educational success. Grace has had one of those great foundations that will form what she'll be later on. I just know it will be something good.

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