Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday morning was perfect for a walk in the town's arboretum. Cool air, an exception for Cow Town in August. No other walkers in sight was a delight. All we had to be wary of were rattlesnakes. Yes, there's all around the arboretum.

Here's a display of flowers that decorate the entrance to the arboretum.
In the middle of our walk we encountered this display.

Betcha never heard of Penjing. Now you know.
There are about a dozen or so displays just like this as example of the art of Penjing.
It was a long walk. When we arrived home the dogs had to do what dogs do best: Crap out after a morning of walking and running.

As you can see Zoe completely crapped out.

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Anonymous said...

Huh.. Nope never heard of it. Think I'll take a walk to the local park tonight. Cheers Bob.

Rachel said...


Oh, and could that dog get ANY cuter?

Bob said...

Blither: So, how was it?

Rachel: She gets better with age. For eleven, the old girl is definitely holding her own.

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