Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The first Christmas tree of the holiday season was spotted last week in the Cow Town mall. Can you believe that? Damn, it's still August and already the retailers are thinking Christmas.

Did you know that some retailers haul in 2/3 of their gross income during the holiday season? Toys R Us is one of them.

There are some people (that would be you, Joanie), who would enjoy this season year 'round if they could get away from it and their spouses didn't divorce them. Twelve months of the year their homes would be lit with Christmas lights and displays. Christmas music would be the order of every day. On the 25th of each month there would be presents, Christmas dinner and midnight church services.

Christmas is a time for the celebration of the birth of Christ, peace on earth, goodwill towards all men (you too, ladies) and the spirit of giving.

I've always contended that the Christmas spirit is a state of mind which if practiced would give you - and others around you - the gift of love, peace and goodwill in your heart, mind, body and soul 365 days a year.

Ho! Ho! Ho!!!

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Anonymous said...

HO HO HO!! Bobby! Yu know I LOVE Xmas!!Wal Mart today had a handlful of Xmas stuff. I almost got giddy!! :))) JOanie @ 3:01p.m. Hope you, Candace & Gracie are OKAY with the fire, Gary is down there attending class (Best Western/C.R. Gibbs)....

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