Saturday, August 16, 2008


This was the last week of summer vacation for Cow Town's kids. School begins on Monday.

Here's Grace on our back patio doing her end of summer dance. She's so very excited to be entering first grade. Grace, thanks to a little summer tutoring, is right on track to start school. For a five year old kid, she's a pretty good reader. My bet is that her first grade year will be an outstanding one.

Cow Town broke a temperature record yesterday with a high of 112 degrees. Why is it that it always gets hot right about the time when school starts?

Remember the sitcom Welcome Back Cotter? He referred to his students as Sweat Hogs. With Cow Towns end of summer heat that pretty much describes what our kids will be looking like come Monday afternoon.


P.S.: Why is it that YouTube posted all the videos all at one time that I had hoped to have posted over the last month? Some go way back to the middle of July or more? What's with you You Tube?

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Anonymous said...

I hope that your beautiful Grace has a great first day at school!

where did the summer go? faster every year i tell ya!!

Have a great rest of your weekend, Bob! :)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I remember my youth and liking school that much as well. When the hell did I start disliking school? Dunno...

Man, Cow Town was hotter than here in San Antone...Wow!

Blessed said...

I beg of you Summer...please don't go.

Bob said...

Katie: It was a quick summer, no doubt about that.

Fox: I always hated school. What's funny is the profession I ended up in after all of the years spent counting the days until I was out of school for good.

Blessed: If you have any pull up above, go for it . .. summer just has to stay a bit longer.

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