Monday, August 18, 2008


Saturday night is always pizza night at our house. Need I say more?

Sometimes it's take out pizza. Then there's frozen pizza (yuck!). Make your own pizza can be had in two ways: Ready made crust or from scratch beat 'em up in the Kitchen Aide then roll 'em out.

Saturday seemed right to roll 'em out so I did. It was a Bob special: sauce, fresh basil, anchovies, pepperoni, sliced red/yellow/green peppers, sliced tomatoes and cheese.

Corn meal is used on the metal surface so that this baby slides off nice and easy.
When it's like 112 outside why heat the house up by cooking pizza in the oven? So it's outside on the barbecue right on the pizza stone. Corn meal is applied generously to the stone to help get off of it.
Obviously this damn thing wasn't centered on the barbecue. One side was crispy black and the other just right. Gotta work on that balance thing.
Wifey's pizza is always different. Allergic to gluten she goes with already made rice crusts. Unlike what Bob prepares, Wifey's pizza are close to looking like a work of art.

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Anonymous said...

That looks yummy,Bob!

Does your wife know about Ezekial bread? it's pretty good bread and totally gluten free i believe! i love it.

Hope you had a marvelous Monday!

Jes said...

Even half charred it looks delicious!! There's nothing better than pizza!

Kittie Kate said...

looks very yummy!
I'd like to have the recipe. It would be cool. I'm a connoisseur of different foods.

Bob said...

Katie: She does know about Ezekial bread and loves it. Thanks anyway for the tip.

Jes: Char is good, isn't it? Maybe that's only for steak. . .

Kittie Kate: Check FoodTV's website and dial in pizza dough - Alton Brown - Good Eats program. Read the comments as they provide needed changes in preparing the dough - like less salt and more sugar and measuring the temp of the water used. All good stuff.

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