Sunday, August 24, 2008


When I was a kid Sunday was the day that the "funnies" were in the newspaper. At the time I was a half way decent reader and could read most of of what printed in the little boxes.

What put the Sunday funny frosting on the cake was a radio program. It came on around 7 or 8 every Sunday morning. Someone would read each cartoon strip and comment on its contents. If you didn't get "it" he would make certain that you did via an explanation.

It was a good way to get kids to become interested in reading the news if only the comic strip every Sunday.

Dagwood, Dick Tracy, Superman, Donald Duck - all first loved comic strips. Later on I grew to like "Odd Bokins". Really loved the Far Side. There were several other off beat, one panel cartoon strips that were favorites that I read regularly whose names escape me.

One by one they were picked off and no longer a part of not only the newspaper but also no longer a part of my everyday life. Peanuts became reruns. Been there, saw most of "that". Doonesbury - - I started to hate his message and stopped reading it. They'll Do it Every time went somewhere . . . maybe into cartoon outer space. For Better or Worse - when the comic strip kids grew up I lost interest here - For Better or Worse got boring. When the last favorite comic strip went . . . it must have been the Far Side, I stopped reading the newspaper cartoons altogether.

I did purchase the Complete Far Side volume one and two for a pretty penny. They make for amusement on a rainy Sunday.

When I stopped reading the comic strips in the newspaper I I lost a little bit of my sense of humor. Hmm.

They say lots of laughs a day keeps the doctor away.

I think it is time to get back into reading the comics again.

The two pictures were taken at the local arboretum. They have several ponds that trickle water into them in interesting and varying ways.

It's relaxing to sit by one and listen to the water flow. Might be a good place to sit and read the Sunday comics.

Happy Sunday.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Wow. Do have a good week!

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