Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Public restrooms give me the heebie geebies. I'd rather fill my pants rather than use a public restroom. You just know these places are filled with all kinds of creepy, crawlers that can't be seen by the naked (no pun intended) eye. If there's anything out there communicable it can be had in any public restroom.

And that's a fact, Jack!

Last week Wifey flew back home out of the airport in Grand Forks North Dakota. She found a wonderful toilet while waiting for her flight.

These pictures were taken knowing how Bob feels about public toilets. I have to admit, I'd be sitting on this crapper if I had the chance. Check it out.

Here's how it works: A layer of plastic wrap covers the seat. No big deal, right?
There it is. Crapper ready for seating for one.
Here's the twist: Push the button and VIOLA! the old wrap is rolled up into the back of the seat and a new plastic wrap rolls out and covers the toilet seat. Whatta great invention. I just gotta have one!

Hello, Santa?

As the kids say, "That is soooo sick!"

In case you didn't know, that means this thing is sooo very cool.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

That is cool!...Now why is this not around nationwide?

Max Watson said...

The Hyogolet is a fascinating device. Had to take a trip to the john to contemplate just how they'd designed it. Came up with an idea, then found their website and realized I had it wrong. The plastic fully encases the seat, so the rim must be floating inside the case where the fresh plastic comes out. Where the plastic is rolled back up it is cut by a razor first (to prevent reuse, the claim), but it's clear that this is necessary as there must also be a connection between the seat and the case on that side.

Bob said...

Fox: Because North Dakota rocks!

Max: Your curiosity continues to amaze me. Would you like one for Christmas for yourself or for Una's store? :)

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