Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Gracie and Wifey visited Zeenie's birth place yesterday . . . a puppy farm, to pick up her papers.

Trilbee, the owner of the "farm" takes very good care of her pups and their moms and pops.

Here are several pups from a recent litter. They're 9 weeks old.

The pup on the left has that look in her eyes.
And now she's on the right still sporting "the look".

Wifey: They were so cute.

Me: So did you buy another dog?

Wifey: This litter is going for $2,500 a pup.

Me: Ouch! Prices have gone up since we bought Zeenie from the farm. Do the math: 2,500 bucks in Bob terms is equal to 4,200 cans of Bud.
Small puppies are hard to resist. Here's one of the 9 week old puppies making up to Gracie. Now doubt this pup is thinking, "Take me home! Get me out of here!"

Gracie is thinking, "Now if I can only get this pup into my pocket and out the door . . . "

For a 9 week old puppy that's quite a tongue.
Wifey had to get a picture of Zeenie's mom and here it is.

I'm glad the wife didn't bend and bring a new pup home. Two dogs, a granddaughter who's here from 9-6 five days a week plus all that it takes to keep this house going is enough.

But it sure is tempting. . .

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

They are cute...too bad my family is allergic.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, way too cute!

I totally would have caved.

Bob said...

Fox: I thought you were only allergic to ex wives? :)

Rachel: I know you would have caved, too. You're a sucker for pups just like I am....

Blessed said...

Make me melt!!!!!!

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