Friday, August 08, 2008


That's exactly what Zoe did yesterday: She rolled on it.

What comes with rolling on it is a bath. A stinky pup will not cut it in our home.

Looks like a drowned rat doesn't she? Zoe hates baths.

Saturday night is usually reserved for pizza. It's an old tradition. Last night Wifey wanted pizza so we took the less expensive way, easy way out and made our own using already prepared crusts.

Wife is allergic to Glutin (anything with wheat). The crust to the left is her rice crust because she's a Glutin for punishment. . . . yuck, yuck!

We have a sackful of organic veggies delivered to our door every Wednesday. They're grown by one of our local farmers. Last night was the perfect opportunity to use some of his tomatoes on each pizza.
Pizza has to have sauce. Contadina works for me with a little olive oil spread on first.

Then comes the pepperoni.


Sliced red, yellow and green peppers.

Then the basil.


Cook 'em up.

When I make my own pizza dough from scratch I go nuts with I put on a pizza because there's soooo much room for more stuff.

What goes on it? Everything I just wrote about plus:



Anchovies! Damn they're good!!!

TGIF stands for Toes Go In First: The first rule every kid needs to know when they learn to put their socks and shoes on.

Happy Friday!

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Pizza Dinner at Bobs! Yay!

Bob said...

Anytime, Fox. Come on over! Bring your bride!!

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