Monday, August 04, 2008


There's a pond several blocks from where we live. It's much smaller than the "pond" in the film On Golden Pond (seemed like more of a lake to me). Funny thing that Golden Pond that's like a lake is called a pond and our "pond" is called a lake.

There's a walking path around our lake. It always makes for a nice Sunday walk with the two dogs which is what we did yesterday . . . after the WE WUZ ROBBED caper was over with.

I should add to that post that the cops came and lifted prints off of the truck and the wife's BMW.

I took a moment to speak to the officer taking the prints:

Me: Wow, cool. This is just like CSI.

Cop: Nope. This is low tech buddy, like right out of the 1920's.

Me; Think you'll catch the bad guys with the prints?

Cop: Maybe. Who knows?

Me: Wow, neat! Is this going to be on America's Most Wanted? If it is I need to tidy up the garage.

Cop: America's Most Wanted?! You gotta be kidding. What planet are you from?

Me: Mars. Obviously you're from Venus.

This is our favorite pond. Beavers, turtles, fish (bass and others), birds, ducks and frogs habitate the lake.

We own a rental directly across the street from the pond. Our new tenants report catching a five pound bass in the pond several weeks ago.

Here's a goose with his neck up checking out who's walking on the path.
And here's Bird Legs Bob carrying pooped out Zoe, the 11 year old Pom who has a hard time walking for any distance. We make a nice pair, don't we?

It's Monday. Grace will be dropped off in an hour to spend the day with us. School starts in several weeks. Hard to believe that summer for most of Cow Town's kids is almost over.

It's equally hard to believe that our little granddaughter will be entering first grade. It seems like only yesterday that Gracie came into this world.

Time is like water through our fingers. It passes quickly and there's no stopping the flow.

Have a great week.

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Destiny said...

What a gorgeous spot for a Sunday stroll.

Thanks for the comment Bob :)

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