Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yesterday I needed sustenance, something that could not be found in the cupboards. Sushi I thought?

Get in the truck and drive to the market to get sushi. In the midst of the drive I thought, "Hey, it's Monday. Most likely I'll be served fish that have sat around since Thursday or Friday."

Sushi would wait until later this week so in its place it was Burger King - a Whopper without mayo, no fries (BK still uses transfats) and a diet coke.

I get the receipt and glance at it. Whopper, no mayo. Yup. Senior Coke? What the hell is a Senior Coke. I didn't order anything Mexican?

Me: I just ordered a diet Coke. You charged me for a Senior Coke. I just want my diet Coke and not a Mexican Coke.

Hussy at the Register: You're getting a diet Coke and there's nothing Mexican about it. I gave you a senior discount, Senor`.

DAM! I've been profiled again. You know about racially profiling. Now there's SENIOR PROFILING! There has to be a law!

I hate being categorized being a senior when I don't feel senior, don't really look senior, I don't senior fart in public, don't stink like a senior and I don't think that I act senior. Contrary to what I think evidently Bob fits one of the senior profiling traits.

There just has to be a law against Senior Profiling!

Yesterday was the first day of school. Wifey was at an eye appointment so I was given the charge of walking to the bus stop to pick up our Gracie after her first day in first grade.

Here she is getting off of the bus having been safely delivered by Mr. Cliff.

She's one happy camper. Grace has a great teacher, is in a class with a lot of her friends AND she's one of the three females in a class of 15 boys! No wonder Grace has that "got the world by the tail" grin as she gets off of the bus.

They learn early, don't they?

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bob, What you need to do is to figure out a way to serve that hussy and give her a Junior something or other....

And yeah, Gracie looks like she can own the world.

DNA said...

Hey! My mom loves getting the senior (senora) discount at the movies!!
And, I really feel for Grace's teacher. My goodness 15 boys! GADS! Thank goodness Grace is in that class, she can help whip those boys into shape!

Bob said...

Fox: I'm thinking . . . .

DNA: Grace is "one of those kids" who's a take charge, take names and kick butt girl. Even though she's the runt of the litter (still five with a November birthday) you'd never know it. I pity the 15 boys.

Anonymous said...

Grace could not get any cuter! that little angel is just gorgeous, Bob!!

I hope she has an awesome school year!

Maeve said...

If the boys/girls ratio continue like that, you are going to have a lot of boy trouble in 8 years!

Max Watson said...

15 boys to 3 girls. What's the matter? Don't they take kindly to womens gettin' educated in Cow Town?

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