Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Wife: You need to blow off some stress and learn how to relax. How about you sign up for a yoga class? It will do you wonders.

Me: What will do me wonders is a stronger dollar, a high volume stock market, a boost in our economy, and the election of a President who knows his ass from a hole in the ground.

Wife: In the meantime, think ommmmmm.... yoga is for you. Here's the address of a place who has yoga classes.

I took yoga in college for two semesters. It was an easy 6 units, began at 7 in the morning and started the day off right. So what the hell, I thought. Why not check this place out.

I walk in the door of the House of Yoga and was greeted by a nice guy. We chatted and then he asked if I'd like to check out the yoga room. I did. Here's what I found. All guys. Butt naked. Nary a woman to be seen.

Butt naked yoga with ladies would have been most appealing. Butt naked yoga with a mix of ladies and guys would have been just fine. Am I homophobic? Shit, how do I know. I just like to be around naked women more than naked guys.

Guy at the Door: How about a steam bath and a massage before you go?

Me: Gotta run. Bye!


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Maeve said...

Didn't want to try it?

Anonymous said...

yeah for 2 years of bob bloggin'!! i am so glad i found your blog, my dear! :)

mmm, i could so get into butt nekkid man yoga. i am gonna look for a class near me this weekend! woohoooo! :)

Have a great day! :)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

First off, congrats on the Two Years! That rocks...

Secondly, sorry Bob. I would have run my ass out of there as fast as I possibly could have gotten out of there....

Bob said...

Maeve: Nope.

Katie: Thanks - I'm glad you did, too! And the sentiment rings true on this side - I love your blog and your Sausage dog!

Fox: We think alike.

Jessi said...

here's to 2 more years!! I always enjoy your posts!!

And what's the address of that yoga place? ;)

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