Saturday, August 02, 2008


Here's the pedestrian bridge that put Cow Town on the map. It's pleasant to walk the dogs here.

Usually there are a lot of tourists on the bridge. Hard to believe that Cow Town is a destination for tourists.

And the tourists have to remark about Zoe, the tiny one in our family. The question "What is she?" always comes up for Zoe, a Pom with a haircut, looks like a little teddy bear. Last night was no exception as a group of students from San Hoser stopped us to ask "the question".

Me: She's a East Asian Berry Bear from Laos.

Kids: No way.

Me: Yes, way. Wanna see her eat tree leaves?

Kids: Yeah, and we wanna see her climb the tree, too.

Damn. Kids are way too smart these days. It's hard to be a crackpot and get away with bullshit stories.

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