Thursday, August 21, 2008


The summer Olympics have been great to watch. Did you see the USA kick major Chinese ass in beach volleyball last night? That was a righteous win especially since the Chinese tried to cheat a little bit there in the end . . . taking a fake medical time out as an attempt to slow down the American freight train that was coming right at 'em.

Olympic diving competition is just okay. It's like watching the grass grow. What Olympic diving competition lacks is the WHOA! factor which can only be had by a decent cannonball dive into a pool of water.

Great form.

Big splash that goes all over the place.

Gets: WHOA! Whatta freaking dive!!!

You'll never get that response in your local tavern from what's currently being served up prissy Olympic style. It takes a well executed, decent cannonball to get the attention of those saddled up to the bar.

Cannonball diving competition would not take a lot of training. You either got it of you don't. Having a big ass helps. A big ass ass makes for a . . . let me see now, there's an Olympic term for this - - - oh yeah, it makes for a better entry into the water and gets everyone sitting on the sidelines soaking wet.


If we write the Olympic Committee and suggest a cannonball competition perhaps we'll see that at the next competition in four years.

Don't you think that would be soooo over the top?

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Biscuit said...

Cannonballs would be so much more fun!

I love the way that little girl looks suspended in mid air, dangling over her reflection in the water.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Hammer had a similar post to this...Yeah, I think Cannon Ball Diving would be a great event...along with Barbed Wire Pole Vaulting and Human Target Javelin. Also, I think that Track races should be contained in an enclosed track where Cheetah's are let loose after the a bit of spice to the games.

Bob said...

Biscuit: You're absolutely right!

Fox: Similar post? Must have copied me. You know how original I am, Fox.

Blessed said...

I love that photo!
I have sooooo addicted to the Olympics!

Max Watson said...

They're be an advantage for America, since it's the land of fat asses!

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