Thursday, March 29, 2007


Do you recognize who these two people are? Do you?

Long ago. Max. Papa.

I'd love to own that head of hair again.

I was one wild and crazy teacher who worked part-time (30 hours a week) in a supermarket to support the family. Working 70 hours a week made me crazy. I've always been wild. Or is it the other way around?

In those days I was never home. Always working. Even on weekends. At work at 8 in the morning and home at 10 at night. This was my routine for five years.

I made more money working at the supermarket part-time than I made working full time for a public school.

Supermarket shoppers would ask me, "Are you Mexican?" What a stupid question.

Some of the same shoppers would also ask, "Do you dye your mustache?" One more stupid question.

My answers would be, "I'm total Mexican and here without a green card. Don't tell anyone." And, "I use shoe polish on my mustache. Like it?"

Stupid questions deserve stupid answers.

On his last visit, Max went through the family albums and scanned a few pictures. This is one of them. I need to learn the art of scanning. I've tried but it just does not work out. It's about teaching an old dog new tricks. Posted by Picasa


Max said...

Ya know, you do look totally Mexican in that photo, must be the mustache!

As for hair, you're lucky. You've still got a full head of it while I'm already fighting the recession.

Bob said...

Okay, okay. Full head of hair. I should be thankful. Thank you, hair god, for the hair that I have left. Please give Max more hair.

Nachos anyone?

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