Wednesday, March 21, 2007


There's a little pond a half mile from the house. Cow Town locals call this a lake. I suppose in many ways it is. In Texas, our little "lake" would definitely be classified as a pond, maybe even a puddle.

The lake is populated with a few fish. It's not unusual to find a fisherman spending more time pulling the algae off of his hook than anything else.

Turtles sun themselves on rocks and logs. Frogs sing whatever the song of the day is. Candace periodically spit out the insects that had found their way into her mouth. They hovered in mass swarms all along the path around the lake. Yuck! she said. Then keep your mouth closed, I said.

There are paved paths to walk on all around the lake. Yesterday we passed a half dozen people enjoying a leisurely walk. Most had dogs. One man in a motorized wheelchair was walking a Jack Russell terrier. The dog jumped into the lap of his owner when anyone approached.

Smart dog.

Kindergarten roundup was yesterday. Since Grace's mom was working, Candace went in her place. The event was all about what to expect next school year as preschooler children transition to the next level of formal education. All of the preschoolers got to ride the school bus and spend some time in a kindergarten classroom which had to be the thrill of the week for those kids.

Once home from kindergarten roundup after rubbing elbows with younger parents Candace said off the top, "I am ever so glad that I'm not 33 with a child entering kindergarten. It feels so good to be where we are at this stage of life."

In a time when a large segment of the population is graying, suppose more than a few wish to be younger again. For what? To have less money? To be once again young and stupid? To have little time to ourselves being the slaves that we were to raise children, pay mortgages and save for the future?

She's right. It's all too easy now. We're on top of our game and it feels good to be in first place. Trading places and being thirty something again is not even a passing fancy.

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Max said...

Great shot of the swamp! I love the sky and clouds.

Bob said...

You know, this really is a swamp. Glad you liked the shot, Max. On your next visit, we'll walk around the swamp and maybe throw a line in the water.

twilite said...

Hi. Stumbled across your blog. Enjoyed the great picture of the swamp -- reflection of the clouds in the pond!

Bob said...

Thank you, Twilite. It's not often that I get comments. Glad you enjoyed the shot of the pond in Cow Town. :)

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