Thursday, March 15, 2007


She: What are you doing?!!!

Me: Shaving my legs. I want to look spiffy for our new ladies.

She: That confirms it. You are totally nuts.

Me: You know what drives me nuts? I'll tell you.

She: I can only guess. Don't want to hear what drives you nuts. By the way, the ladies will not be with us tonight. They are making preparations to live with us. These things take time.

Me: I can live with that. The hair on my legs won't grow back right away. They'll be smooth as silk for a week or more.

She: The two ladies are thinking of being here tomorrow or Friday. They're all wrapped up and can't be here tonight.

Me: Right on! Tell me about each of them. Tall? Short. Blonde? What???!

She: You'll find out soon enough. I want them to be a complete surprise for you. Old Bob will be the Hugh Hefner of Cow Town.

Me: Yipppee kai yea kai yo! Get-ee up little hefers. YEEEEEEEE HAW!

She: But before that, first things first. The car?

He: Paid for and will be delivered in two weeks.

She: The trip to Spain?

He: Paid for on line. All you have to do is print out the E tickets.

She: And my monthly allowance?

He: I'm holding back on that one. Let's just say you'll get that when the goods are delivered.

She: Fair enough.

I go back to shaving my legs and listening to Frank Sinatra croon, I Did It My Way. And like Old Bob he wasn't talking about changing his order at Burger King either.

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Max said...

Sounds like you're gonna fill up all the seats in that big 'ol truck!

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