Monday, March 26, 2007


Saturday night was pizza night, don't you know. Round Table makes the only honest pizza. Or so they say. It's all in Round Table's crust (nothing like it) and the sugar they add to their Roma tomatoes.

This is their showcase Prosciutto Artisan pizza with artichoke hearts, lemon feta cheese, mozzarella, basil, organic tomato sauce, caramelized onions, Roma tomatoes and a cornmeal dusted crust.

Usually I order the Pepperoni Artisan pizza. It's so good. The wife keeps telling me I need to think out of the box so I changed up and ordered this instead.

Mistake. The combination of all the stuff they pile on this thing just does not float my boat. Nothing like a pepperoni pizza. With anchovies.

I'm done thinking out of the box. I'm going back to what I do best: Just being plain Old Bob.

See this little fart down below? During the day he hides out under a large orchid plant. During the night he comes out and swims in this bowl under the faucet just outside the master bedroom. And then he croaks and croaks all night long to a female living somewhere in the greenery down the hill. For a little guy, he makes a lot of noise.

I wish the two frogs would get together. Together they're killing any thought of my getting a good night's sleep.

The wife is off to a medical appointment at UC Med. It's three hours down and three hours back. This means I have kid duty this afternoon. It will just be Grace, Papa and the dogs.

Over the weekend I bought two squirt guns and a kid's golf set. Grace and I will be playing at being Dirty Harry and Tiger Woods.


Happy Monday.

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Max said...

Why not relocate the croaker to the nearby pond you posted about several days ago? I'm sure that'd be one heck of a better home.

Bob said...

Exactly. That said, froggy and friend have moved on. They were no where to be found last night.

Max said...

Do I sense that they've been relocated in another sense? Shame on you, Dad!

Bob said...

Once a macho hunter, always a macho hunter. And Max, I also killed Bambi!

Max said...

There goes your karmic points!

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